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Students compete to eat huge cookie within 30 minutes


Rutgers is home to many great dining establishments that range from the classic plain pizza joint to Vietnamese pho and everything in between. With so many places to eat, the possibilities seem to be endless, but if you’re looking to satisfy your sweet tooth then Cookie Rush is the place to go.

Cookie Rush’s exterior design is humble — and maybe doesn’t do justice to the sweet things inside — but when you step in its door the sweet aroma of warm, delicious cookies baking in their ovens tells a different story.

As you step in, you notice that the arrangement Cookie Rush has set up is very inviting with bean bags in one corner and board games in another to play at your hearts content as you wait for your warm cookies.

Cookie Rush offers such a great collection of cookies that you cannot have them all in one sitting, but the mouth-watering thought of a freshly-baked cookie will have you coming back to try them all. Before you start eating your way through the entire menu, I suggest you first try the classic chocolate chip cookie. Not too sweet or too chocolatey, this cookie rivals your family’s best recipe. Its chocolate chip cookies will have you reminiscing of your childhood days when your mother served freshly baked cookies with a tall glass of milk.

As you take your first bite of that chocolate chip cookie, you will feel a slight crunch from the outer layer followed by a warm feeling as your teeth sink into the soft core. It’s nearly impossible to finish one cookie without a trail of chocolate pieces around your lips.

Not only does Cookie Rush offer high-quality cookies, but they have some of the friendliest staff too. During a recent trip there, I had conversation with one of the store’s bakers who told me all about the Cookie Rush Challenge.

The Cookie Rush Challenge requires the competitor to eat a 5-pound chocolate cookie in under 30 minutes. If you happen to complete this challenge you get a full refund for the cookie, a t-shirt and your photo on the wall of fame. This challenge has yet to be completed.

After the cookie is baked, it is around 1-inch in height and can fill a large pizza box easily.

One of Cookie Rush’s cashiers said, “This week we saw the closest someone has come to finishing the cookie and he still had one pound left.”

It is incredible this cookie store has been open for so long and someone has yet to complete this challenge. If you want to take on the gigantic 5-pound cookie, you will have to give Cookie Rush a 24-hour notice so they can make the monstrous 5-pound cookie. Sadly, you can’t choose which flavor you want your cookie to be. Win or lose, you still have 5 pounds of chocolate-chip heaven in your possession.

Omar Rojas

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