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Engineering students find ways to boost Rutgers pride

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On Saturday, the Rutgers Engineerring Honors Council hosted a problem solving competition in which students proposed ways to increase school pride.

A case competition held by the Rutgers Engineering Honors Council on Nov. 19 encouraged students to find a holistic and quantifiable standard to measure Rutgers’ pride and proposed ways to maintain pride as alumni. 

During the competition, students were given a case to read, analyze and solve. It was designed to give engineering students a glimpse into problem-solving skills and the opportunity to network with Rutgers alumni, said Vineet Shenoy, a School of Engineering junior.

Students had 90 minutes to read and analyze the cases from Rutgers and other universities and find a way to quantify and measure Rutgers pride.

“The way I came up with this year’s topic is by talking to alumni and seeing what their experience is …They said Rutgers is a great place for more information, so go talk to other people, find who is really proud to be here,” Shenoy said.

Each team consisted of four members, Shenoy said. As the competition was coming to a close, students gave a presentation on their solutions to the judges, who were alumni from the School of Engineering, and were judged based on their idea and presentation skills.

This year’s case competition consisted of 36 competitors and a total of four School of Engineering alumni judges. 

Case competitions are great opportunities to grow and work on your presentation skills, said Taylor Au, a School of Engineering senior. 

“I feel Rutgers pride is essential of being a Scarlet Knight because when we leave college, we will remember the connections and opportunities we have," Au said. "And we want to remember how Rutgers has shaped me into the person I am today.”

This year's case competition winners were School of Engineering first-year students Joshua Siegel, Aditya Verma, Dylan Scallo and Shantanu Laghate.

The solution the group offered was to establish a "scarlet scribble," where alumni and students can draw their own doodle that shows their Rutgers pride on a website. 

Their idea for quantifying school spirit was to record the number of students who click on each doodle on the website.

Another way the group found a way to quantify Rutgers pride was by expanding the Rutgers social media network by creating a hashtag (#RUPride).

Pragya Hooda is a School of Engineering sophomore majoring in biomedical engineering. She is a contributing writer for The Daily Targum.

Pragya Hooda

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