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Rutgers Navy ROTC places 1st at regional competition


Courtesy of Matthew Moeller | The Rutgers Navy Reserve Officer Training Corps placed first in 4 of 6 events at a regional competition, earning first overall at the contest.

The Rutgers Naval Reserve Officers Training Corps (NROTC) recently placed first in a Military Excellence Competition, outperforming schools from several different states in the process.

The unit competed on Oct. 29 at a Military Excellence Competition at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, said Lt. Virgil Humes, an assistant professor of naval science.

The MEC consisted of several event categories, including drill competitions, physical competitions and sport competitions, said Jessica Glickman, a School of Arts and Sciences senior and midshipman first class.

The healthy rivalry and competition is a positive of the competition, Humes said.

“These competitions are a good opportunity for us to build not only camaraderie amongst the midshipmen in our unit, but also to introduce them to some of the people they’ll eventually be working with in the fleet,” Humes said.

The individual events included the warrior challenge, iron man challenge, iron woman challenge, squad drill, color guard and basketball competition.

Rutgers Navy ROTC placed highest overall, placing first in 4 out of the 6 individual events and third in one individual event.

The premier event of the day was the warrior challenge in which Rutgers NROTC placed first, Humes said. 

“The event consists with a lot of station and non-station exercises,” said Dezzie Ligon, a School of Arts and Sciences junior and midshipman second class. “It was extensive ... But these competitions are a good opportunity for our fourth class, or freshmen, who are just coming into the unit and may not feel involved, to have an opportunity to join in on the camaraderie, and to compete and win.”

The warrior challenge consisted of fireman carries, pull-ups, rope climbs and other challenging exercise, Ligon said.

Despite the short distance, he said the shortest time in for that portion was one hour and two minutes.

The Rutgers Navy ROTC trained for the MEC for a month, Glickman said.

“When we trained for that long, to see the investment of our time pay off is pretty awesome,” she said. “Then, we go and we get to come home with a bunch of new toys.”

The Rutgers Navy ROTC will compete in another MEC in the spring at Villanova University, Humes said.

“When you go to MECs, you get to see midshipmen from other schools and those are people that, when we graduate and we’re commissioned into the Navy, these are all people we’re going to be seeing and working with out in the field, and that’s pretty cool,” Glickman said.

Chloe Dopico is a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore majoring in political science and journalism and media studies. She is a contributing writer for The Daily Targum.

Chloe Dopico

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