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Rutgers Psychological Alliance aids students in finding opportunities

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Two Rutgers psychological organizations have joined efforts to promote psychological opportunities for Rutgers students. 

The Rutgers Psychological Society and Psi Chi, which together are referred to as the Rutgers Psychological Alliance, hope to foster the psychology community by offering students a chance to learn about opportunities in psychology and give students a place to network, according to their website

Psychology one of the most represented liberal arts major at Rutgers University. A significant proportion of students have some sort of degree in psychology, whether it is their major or minor. 

The psychology department at Rutgers University enables and encourages its student to seek out opportunities for field work and internship experiences, according to their website.

The Rutgers Psychological Alliance is trying to reach interested students by having certain events such as symposiums, where students have the chance to meet working professionals in the field, graduate students, and each other, said Aditya Kulkarni, a School of Arts and Sciences senior and President of Psi Chi.

The organization has received positive feedback from people of different backgrounds, whether they want to go to law school, medical school, a PhD program, or go straight to work, Kulkarni said.

“I came here as a transfer student and I did not know or have much direction in terms of making connections with others who shared my passion for psychology as well as making new friends,” said Matt Skeete, an Arts and Sciences senior and the public relations chair of The Rutgers Psychological Alliance.

Many students have only recently found out about the organization, which has allowed for it to grow. 

Skeete said the growth has positively impacted the club because people with other majors sometimes tend to hold psychology majors in disdain. 

“It’s really prepared me for my future in psychology, not only through the events like psych symposium, which has given me some real life experience, but the organization also offers events such as GRE preparation. The GRE preparation helped me know what to look out for on the GRE, which I plan to take," said Thomas Buchenot a School of Arts and Sciences senior and the group's fundraising chair.

The recent planning efforts have gone toward tutoring services for the Rutgers University students, Kulkarni said.

Tutoring is one of the most highly requested features within the organization, Bibi said.

“We’re doing fundraising for certain social causes like National Mental Awareness week, or for things like kids who are deaf or have auditory issues. Getting those sort of projects underway are also some goals of ours, so we’re trying to get to different markets,” Kulkarni said. 

One of the organization's main challenges is funding their events. They are hoping to partner with RUSA for help in the future, Bibi said.

“I definitely think that’s one of our struggles because we try to host a lot of different things, but money always comes up to be like a restriction for us,” Bibi said.

This semester, the organization is hosting a game night on Dec. 14 as a sendoff before finals, Kulkarni said.

Next semester, the Rutgers Psychological Alliance will hold a symposium for professionals in psychology. The organization typically gets professors and industry professionals, such as social workers, Kulkarni said.

“In addition to that, we have a mini involvement fair type panned for next semester, where we invite other organizations that we think will be beneficial to psychology students, and anyone else that is interested,” Bibi said.

Thomas Lohan is a School of Arts and Sciences senior. He is a contributing writer for The Daily Targum.

Thomas Lohan

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