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New year, new Olde Queens Tavern: Easton bar undergoes renovations

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Olde Queens Tavern, on Easton Avenue, conducted renovations over Spring Break. Changes included updated copper bar tops and new flooring.

Olde Queens Tavern is ringing in the New Year with new bar tops in addition to their recently updated cement-epoxy floors.

“When you have a bar with a lot of history like Olde Queens, it’s bound to accumulate a lot of wear and tear,” said Cesar Concepcion, a School of Arts and Sciences senior, bouncer and bar back at the Olde Queens Tavern.

The renovations took place a few weeks ago and most noticeably included updated countertops, said Frank Schweighardt, manager of Olde Queens Tavern. The new elements are designed to require fewer repairs.

Schweighardt said the old floor had tiles popping out, especially after a busy night, that would require a lot of maintenance. 

“We’d have to come in and replace the tiles all the time. It was mostly after the football games and stuff like that where it’s basically all day long. The floor would get sticky and we’d have tiles popping and breaking. We’d have to get a scraper to get the tile out and put glue down and replace the tile," Schweighardt said. "It was a lot of work."

Schweighardt said the new floor is mostly maintenance-free.

“While the floor renovations might be a bit more subtle, I’m sure a lot of people will notice how much newer and sharper the bar looks overall,” said Concepcion. “As far as the bar, it was 30 years old, and it was actually getting bubbles. It’s definitely seen better days,” Schweighardt said.

During winter break, they decided to change the bar tops from a wood surface to a copper surface, he said.

The new bar tops, which are made of copper and coated with an epoxy seal, are more durable compared to the wooden ones, he said.

Customers have recognized the new look of the bar and are receptive to it, Concepcion said.

“I think the renovations will definitely help business," he said. "Appearance is big when it comes to attracting customers, so even little things like a brand new countertop are always a plus."

Anthony Strano, a Rutgers Business School senior, said he looks forward to seeing the renovations made to one of his favorite bars on campus.

“It’s nice to see a great business become even better. When I think of Olde Queens, I instantly think quality and I know that’s their main priority," Strano said.

Schweighardt said he thinks the business will still be as successful as before the renovations, and he hopes to replace the ceiling next.

“You got to put money back into the business or else it’s going to start going downhill. You know it’s just maintenance and upkeep. Anything that gets wear and tear has to be replaced after a while,” Schweighardt said.

Thomas Lohan is a School of Arts and Sciences senior. He is a contributing writer for The Daily Targum.

Thomas Lohan

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