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TedxRutgers organizes annual conference for thought-leaders

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TedxRutgers is currently working to expand its annual conference. The organization’s mission is to bring the community together through shared ideas and events.

Each year, TedxRutgers hosts a conference for students, alumni and local thought-leaders in the Rutgers community.  

The TEDx Program is a branch of the TED company that supports independent organizers to create their very own event. TEDxRutgers carries out the companies mission of sharing "ideas worth spreading" on campus through organized speeches and information sessions. 

TedxRutgers has organized speaker-based events where students can deliver presentations about ideas that have inspired them, he said. This includes the event "Speechcraft," which takes place in November each year. 

The chapter is one of many at universities around the country, said Shazia Mansuri, director of marketing of TedxRutgers and a Rutgers Business School junior.

“What we do is organize a couple of events based on story-telling, sharing ideas, inspiration and what people in the Rutgers community and alumni are working on. Like really cool research or really cool thought-leadership,” Mansuri said.

In preparation for the main conference in late March, TEDxRutgers is working to expand the event, Mansuri said. 

Hersh Patel, the technical director of TedxRutgers, said the group's recent focus has been on reaching out to successful Rutgers alumni. 

 “We wanna make sure a lot of students come out and support the idea of TED and are inspired by ideas in the Rutgers community,” the School of Arts and Sciences sophomore said. "We want to inspire the Rutgers community the way they have been inspired when they were students at Rutgers."

They are also working to increase awareness by encouraging discussions between students through blog posts. Their goal is to organize more events to create momentum, said Tanvi Parikh, vice president of TEDxRutgers and a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore.

The organization regularly updates their Facebook page to ensure their ideas and videos reach the largest possible audience, Parikh said.

“We have our annual conference and we have a good amount of students that attend that conference," Parikh said. "I think last year we had over 400, but what we’ve been trying to do for this year is to grow it apart from that one single conference. So (we want to) also host a couple of events throughout the year."

Mansuri said he joined TedxRutgers because of the diverse and interesting content that the organization produces. 

“I've gotten to meet so many cool people who have spoken at our conferences or just other students or members of the TEDx team and it’s been a really great experience,” Mansuri said. 

Gabriela Amaral is a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore majoring in political science. She is a staff writer for The Daily Targum. See more on Twitter @sentientfog

Gabriela Amaral

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