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EDITORIAL: Trump wreaks havoc in just 5 days

President’s first executive orders foreshadow problematic future


It has only been five days since President Donald J. Trump has taken office, and yet it feels like it has been a lifetime. Each day of the Trump presidency brings in another day of endless concerns and frightening realizations about the possible fate of this country. These concerns begin with Trump’s implementation of new policies.

These new policies and laws affect millions of lives, not only around the nation, but across the world as well. It is as if Trump has released a nonstop series of attacks against everyone he has offended during his campaign.

His first attack was on the Affordable Care Act. The healthcare insurance policy that is considered former President Barack Obama’s legacy has been at the forefront of the Trump campaign with his promise of repealing it. When taking office, Trump realized that he could not immediately eradicate the policy, but made efforts to remove two of the clauses that would eventually cause 18 million Americans to lose their health insurance and double the premiums for those remaining.

Trump continued to ratify healthcare policies he doesn’t fully understand when he brought back former President Ronald Reagan’s infamous Mexico City Policy, causing the stoppage of funds for foreign non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that offered abortion services, cutting them off from funding every other family planning service if they did not comply. His implementation of the gag rule, stopping organizations from even making abortion referrals, added on to his extremities.

But Trump hasn’t just tampered with America’s healthcare, he is going to damage the nation’s climate and environment as well, and in severe ways. Trump has issued a lockdown on communication from the nation’s Environmental Protection Agency to halt them from sharing any publications or research to the public without “careful screening” from the government. Trump is literally silencing scientific research and keeping the truth of the state of climate change from the American press and public.

But Trump has been attacking the press as well. When he is not calling journalists the
“most dishonest human beings on Earth,” he’s calling successful news organizations a “failing pile of garbage,” and “fake news.” What is hard to grasp is how someone who believes that “alternate facts” exists, thinks that he has any idea of what is credible or not. How can Trump be expected to be a trustworthy voice when he has sent out his White House Press Secretary to announce that his inauguration was “the most watched ever,” when it is clearly untrue? What is even more frightening is the dishonesty of his supporters. After The Washington Post showed Trump supporters pictures of Trump’s inauguration versus Obama’s, 15 percent of them claimed that the picture of Trump’s had more people, even though it clearly does not.

Trump is building a wall and is expecting a “payment, perhaps a complicated payment,” even though Mexican officials have blatantly stated that they will not pay for it. He is suspending visas from seven different Muslim-majority countries. Trump has pulled out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and threatened China’s ownership of islands in the South China Sea. Trump and his staff have begun to use private email servers, even after constantly berating his Democratic opponent for this same reason during the entirety of his campaign. Trump has done all of this and it has only been five days.

If Trump’s first days in office are any indication of the four years to come for the United States, then the future seems bleak. The freedoms and liberties of American citizens are slowly being stripped from them day-by-day, and the relationships between America and other nations are becoming more tense. The nation was told to take in each day one at a time, but at this rate, this could be disastrous.

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