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Never miss your coffee fix, no matter where you are on campus

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Hidden Grounds, a 3-year-old coffee store at the corner of Mine Street and Easton Avenue, is now opening a new store near Brother Jimmy’s closer to the New Brunswick Train Station and Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital.

Caffeine is a main food group for college students, and on a campus that spans two cities, there are a plethora of options. From local coffee houses to chain spots that are open late, you never have to go without your coffee fix when you're on the Banks.

The majority of coffee spots are on and around the College Avenue campus. Hidden Grounds is the best-known shop in the area, and with two locations it can offer more than just a good cup of coffee. The original spot, on the corner of Mine Street and Easton Avenue, is perfect for digging into your mountains of homework with a warm cappuccino and a sandwich. And just a few blocks away is Hidden Grounds 4C, a place always buzzing with activities — small concerts, latte art classes and arts and crafts festivals are regularly hosted there.

When you’re burning the midnight oil at the Civic Square Building's 24-hour computer lab on Livingston Avenue working on those all-night assignments and art projects, you definitely want to get used to the blends of the Rockoff Hall 7-Eleven. They may not serve the best brews palette-wise, but it is open 24 hours.

Douglass campus is home to many hidden gems, and for caffeine addicts the best one is tucked away in the heart of the Mason Gross School of the Arts complex. Café 52 in Mortensen Hall serves not only coffee, but also bubble tea and light snacks.

If you’re on the other side of the Raritan, you can also try out Henry’s Diner. For the perfect old school feel, sit at the counter and have a cup of joe. Pair your coffee with a hearty breakfast, which can be served any time of the day. Bring the paper and soak up the retro vibes.

Lastly, there are multiple Starbucks locations on campus now, especially with the new truck roaming the five New Brunswick campuses. But there are differences between them. The Starbucks on Livingston campus is comparatively cheaper than the others because it does not charge tax on its products. If you can bear the lines, it is worth the wait.

There are always new places to get coffee in addition to the always-ready student center stops. So be brave, try them all and never go without your much-deserved cup of coffee.

Brittany Gibson

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