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Morning routines for the college student soul


The thought of a peaceful morning often only goes as far as saying “namastay in bed.” We can all attest to the morning struggle of taking that first step out of bed and hobbling over to the coffee pot.

To most college students, waking up early is a crime against humanity, or at least sanity. From 8 a.m. classes and all-nighters to bar crawls and brutal hangovers, alarm clocks and college students are not exactly friends.

Mornings determine the entirety of the day, so a healthy one is the best way to start yours.

The key to a healthy morning always begins with a hearty breakfast. Whether you're on campus, off campus or commuting, there's no better way to start your day than with a balanced breakfast and a cup of coffee. Not to discredit any tea drinkers out there — there's plenty of kick in caffeinated black tea.

Some breakfast foods that give a good energy boost include avocado, peanut butter, quinoa, chia seeds, Kombucha, oatmeal or protein and kale smoothies.

Any of these items can be found at supermarkets like Stop and Shop or ShopRite, which are near all Rutgers campuses.

One of the easiest and most filling breakfasts that I like to have in the morning is avocado toast. All you have to do is spread mashed avocado on a slice of toast and add lime, salt or paprika. I like to top it off with an egg, sunny-side up, for protein.

As difficult as it is to make it to the dining halls before breakfast ends at 11 a.m., it is so worth it! But if you can't manage it, granola and coffee are available any time of the day. 

Aside from breakfast, another way to have a fresh start is a clean face. No matter how extensive your skincare collection may be, a splash of water to the face gives tired eyes a refreshing jolt.

Other tips for expediting your morning departure include planning your outfit the night before and packing your completed homework in the right notebooks or folders.

One of the greatest changes that I've made to my life is setting alarms for when I need to leave for class, from home or wherever I might be rather than leave when the class starts. Trust me on this one.

Trite as it may seem, it really is the little things that create an easy morning where you aren't running to class with only one of your sleeves on.

Brielle Diskin

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