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Rutgers Honors College goes 2 weeks without warm water

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Mechanical issues with the boilers in the Honors College left students without hot water for more than two weeks. While University Facilities has fixed one of the boilers, many students are still using lukewarm or cold water.

Rutgers Honors College students have reportedly been without warm water in their buildings for at least two weeks.

While the situation has improved over the last two days, many students are still showering with cold or lukewarm water, said School of Arts and Sciences first-year Ankush De.

John F. Shulack, vice president of University Facilities, said the problem was realized and addressed on Monday. One of the two boilers in the buildings experienced mechanical and control issues, which caused the shortage.

The parts to fix the boiler are on order and the repair is expected to be completed by this week, he said. In the meantime, the second boiler has been adjusted to carry the load for the entire building.

“Our managers have made numerous inquiries to students and site visits over the past two days and have found that the hot water supply is working well and the residents are satisfied,” he said. “Our records indicate there were five hot water complaints in over the past few weeks which were responded to and fixed within the rooms.”

School of Engineering first-year Michael Vinciguerra said that it was not until about a week ago that people really started speaking out in the Honors College Facebook group.

“The water situation isn't entirely fixed yet. The shower that I normally use was boiling one day on the lowest setting and then lukewarm the next on the highest setting. In RHA, there have been reports that the fourth floor is receiving the majority of the issues, with showers still being cold there,” he said.

At least 100 students have reacted or “liked” the post in the Facebook Honors College page and a lot of people have complained, Vince said.

“The Honors College hasn't really brought up anything about it, although the RAs (resident assistants) have responded to the post saying that the issue is currently being fixed. Personally, I think there was no real way for them to handle it other than how we did — the students brought up the issue, and the Residence Life Coordinator and RAs responded. They're dealing with it, and I'm confident it should be fixed soon,” he said.

Chloe Dopico is a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore majoring in political science and journalism and media studies. She is the Associate News Editor for The Daily Targum.

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