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Taqueria La Rosita serves up authentic, flavorful Mexican cuisine


With the plethora of restaurants on Easton Avenue and George Street, it’s not as tempting as it should be to walk further into New Brunswick when you’re looking for a bite to eat. But if you’re craving authentic Mexican food, Taqueria La Rosita should be the first place you go.

You’ve probably become accustomed to Easton Avenue’s Tacoria by now, but Taqueria La Rosita, on the corner of Suydam and Joyce Kilmer, is a must-try spot for a more traditional take on south-of-the-border cuisine.

Just a short walk north from George Street, Taqueria La Rosita is an intimate-sized establishment. With only a few tables and chairs set up so close to the kitchen, Taqueria La Rosita allows patrons to smell every spice being put into your meal as they are being added. 

 With options of fish, chicken, steak or ham for meat eaters, there’s no going wrong. Everything is made to order and by hand. You seldom are able to find a better-prepared Mexican dish on the Banks.

Just one of the many traditional staple foods that can be found there is taquitos, also called flautas. Flautas at Taqueria La Rosita can be served with either chicken or steak that are then wrapped in tortilla and fried until crispy. If you’re sitting at the right table you can watch this entire process take place.

The restaurant's chicken flautas are served with a salad and creamy avocado dressing, which created a delectable ensemble of flavors. Each part of the dish complimented another for a satisfying blend of flavors and spices that are paired nicely with the establishment’s homemade hot sauces.

Taqueria La Rosita served the dish with two sauces. One was a mild sauce that had pieces of freshly cut onions and peppers that definitely added some heat, but wouldn’t be unbearable for someone not used to spices.

The second sauce was a creamy green sauce made of jalapeños that were fiery and should be on the hit list of anyone who enjoys a mouth-watering amount of heat in their condiment choice.

For vegetarians or vegans, Taqueria also has options. Although the finesse for Latin American dishes comes from the meats and fish used, their buttress is a solid combination of rice and beans.

Taqueria’s yellow rice was seasoned to perfection and the beans were cooked flawlessly. This comes with a side of queso blanco, so be aware of your dietary needs when ordering.

Authentic Mexican sodas and drinks are available as well, but the best compliment to your already fantastic meal will be the service of the waitstaff and cooks behind the counter.

For dine-in or take-out, Taqueria La Rosita should be on everyone’s short list. The locally owned spot is open until 3 a.m. every day and is only closed on Sundays, and with such a large menu, you’ll be sure to always get a satisfying and authentically prepared Mexican dish.

Brittany Gibson

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