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Post Valentine's Day candies should you be snagging on sale


As a severely single girl on Valentine’s Day, I plan on supplying myself with my own endless abundance of V-Day treats on the best candy sale day of the year, Feb. 15.

My obsession with doughnuts, chocolates, Sour Patch Kids or just anything sweet and bad for you is much easier to satisfy than the search for the perfect significant other. So with sweethearts and chocolates now being replaced with Saint Paddy’s Day gear, I plan on buying myself with all the treats I can get to watch romantic comedies with.

Being a college student means I am broke and can not afford to buy myself even one heart-shaped box of assorted chocolates before Valentine’s Day, but the day after is like a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Any store that was stocked for the occasion will now be decorated with “50-70 percent off all Valentine's Day candy” signs.

So after Singles Awareness Day, this guide will cheer up any broke single college students with a sweet tooth.

  1. Heart boxes of chocolate — because diving into this box of chocolates goes perfectly with your movie night.
  2. Sweet Tarts — They're a classic. 
  3. Sweethearts  — If you feel like sending yourself love messages through candy.
  4. Valentine's Day Hershey's kisses — At least you can buy yourself some sort of a kiss!
  5. Day-old chocolate covered strawberries — I do not care how old, they are a MUST!
  6. Valentine's Day M&M’s — So you can be eating candy up until Easter.
  7. Chocolate-covered Oreos — Double the chocolate?! Must I say more?
  8. Chocolate-covered pretzels — Sweetness to go with your saltiness of buying yourself Valentine’s Day Gifts.
  9. Reese's Peanut Butter Hearts — How do you go any holiday without this candy?
  10. Heart shaped Twix — Twix are perfect for your movie because who doesn’t want these?
  11. Marshmallow hearts — A fluffy heart to remind you how alone you are.
  12. Lindor Valentine's Day chocolates — Expensive chocolate sold at a discount just makes you feel better about yourself.
  13. Dove heart chocolates — These are just good.
  14. Milk Chocolate Rose — You need to buy yourself some sort of flower, so chocolate it is!
  15. Red Velvet Kit Kats — Just because, why not, right?

Once your candy shelves are fully stocked, grab some friends, watch your favorite movies and dive into all things sweets and cheap. Indulging in all these treats you got on sale will only make your holiday 100 times better.

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day and Happy on-sale candy shopping!

Morgan Rue

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