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'Another One Bites the Crust' to find best pizza at U.

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Pizza­ has been a staple food in every college student's diet since the beginning of time. And when you're on campus, whether stumbling down Easton Avenue after a night full of debauchery or kicking back in your apartment with a few friends, a slice or even an entire pie is always a solid choice.

But with so many options available for the hungry college student, it's a challenge deciding which pizza places are worth shelling out dough for, and which are to be avoided.

Well, I took one for the team and ate way too much pizza in the span of one week just to give you a reliable account of a select few of the pizza places in New Bruns (I know, I’m so selfless). Behold, some brutally honest musings about six New Brunswick pizza places:

Daniel’s Pizza: The majority of college students I speak to hold Daniel’s pizza as their No. 1 post-weekend shenanigans pizza joint, and with good reason: Its penne vodka pizza is to die for. But, when ordering a plain pizza, I was unhappily underwhelmed at the soft crust and the permeating sweetness from the sauce. If you’re going to hit up Daniel’s, stick to its tried-and-true penne vodka.

PJ’s Grill & Pizza: On any given Friday or Saturday night, a decent-sized crowd can be seen congregating outside PJ’s, and although this could be explained by how tiny the shop is, I think the crowd is gathered rather because of the quality of the pizza. PJ’s offers quite possibly the best plain slice one could purchase in the College Avenue, Easton Avenue or George Street regions. Cheese-to-sauce ratios and crust are beautifully proportioned. 10/10 would recommend.

Nuebies: Sober or not, just don’t.

Krispy Pizza: I was hesitant to add Krispy to the list of places I would try, as chain pizza just isn’t on par with the small pizza shops that dot the College Avenue campus. But, I gave it a shot and was not disappointed: Krispy Pizza is, in fact, crispy. 

Out of all the pizza places I’ve been to, the crust from this pizza seemed to be consistently cooked just right. There are also a wide variety of pizzas offered. But alas, the one downfall of Krispy Pizza is the price — while two slices of plain rivals the cost of the other pizza shops, its specialty pizzas are a bit pricey for the typical broke college student.

RU Pizza & Grill: If you’re looking for a no-surprises, free-of-frills slice of pizza, you can’t go wrong with RU Pizza and Grill. With a pretty adequate cheese-to-sauce ratio and a crispier crust, RU Pizza & Grill is a solid option for your weekend pizza binge. But beware — the grease that sits on top of these slices will for sure make you go into cardiac arrest.

Panico’s: Tucked away on Church Street, seconds away from Chipotle and Starbucks, this often-overlooked pizza place is perfect if you’re out running errands in Downtown New Brunswick. Is it worth the walk over from College Avenue? Probably not, if you consider how lazy college students tend to be, but in a pinch, Panico’s will hit the spot with its average cheese-to-sauce proportions.

Katherine Moretti

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