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'Beats on the Banks' will return to College Avenue this Friday

This year's event will feature Baauer — the artist famous for creating the Harlem Shake

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Rutgers University Program Association (RUPA) will be holding its Beats on the Banks concert this Friday in the College Avenue Gymnasium. The event, which has already sold out its floor seats, will feature electronic music by Blau and Baauer.

The Rutgers University Programming Association's (RUPA) "Beats on the Banks" concert has paired the ballads of electronic dance music with students' love of the genre by presenting Blau and Baauer in concert this coming Friday night.

The doors of the College Avenue Gymnasium will open at 7:30 p.m. and the show is set to begin at 8 p.m.

Danielle Paxton, a School of Arts and Sciences junior, is currently the marketing assistant director for the Concerts and Coffeehouses committee.

“My whole committee and I have been planning this event since the end of last semester. It takes us a while just to start brainstorming everyone we think would be a good fit for Rutgers,” she said.

Paxton said the floor tickets sold out the first day, but they still have balcony tickets available.

The concert is a good break from academics and the typical hang out with friends, she said. It gives you something to do for a low cost and is in a convenient location for students. 

RUPA provided auditions for the opening act spots for 10 student DJs to perform, and the committee chose those who would be best paired with Blau and Baauer, Paxton said.

The opening acts set to perform are Mike Allen, a School of Arts and Sciences junior, and Devin Fields, a School of Environmental and Biological Sciences junior.

A lot of team collaboration goes into the planning, Paxton said. After brainstorming, the committee consolidates the choices and asks for references from other schools the artists have played at before, and then sends out requests to see if they are willing to perform at Rutgers and fan estimated price.

She said students have the opportunity to suggest artists they want to see perform on campus by using the option on the RUPA website.

“Performers always love hearing from colleges if they want them to perform because it is like a niche audience that they can perform for,” Paxton said.

Paxton said the references RUPA sent out to other universities Blau and Baauer gone to said they loved them and Blau and Baauer were very easy to work with.

Many Rutgers students are fans of rap and electronic dance music, so RUPA always tries to get bigger names for those genres to come.

“I’m just really excited right now because I’m excited to share my passion for dance and house music with Rutgers,” Allen said.

Allen said he has met the other student DJ performing for the opening act in the hallway at the auditions and it was funny to see his name on the list because he already knew him.

He said that he has a number of Blau songs in his library.

“I am very excited to be opening for "Beats on the Banks" this year. I’ve always been a big fan of Baauer and my older style of DJing definitely included a lot of his music,” Fields said.

Blau is a talented producer and runs a nonprofit record label, he said.

“Devin’s set sounded awesome and I’m looking forward to what he put together and I’m really looking forward to seeing what Blau and Baauer have put together too, it’s going to be a great night,” Allen said.

Allen said he has been DJing for about six years now and producing his own music for about three years.

He said that he auditioned last year when Cash Cash was performing and that it is competitive to win a spot on the stage.  

He has gone to New York City and played at Webster Hall a few times, Allen said.

“I felt like I’d almost skipped a step because I never really played for, like, the quote-on-quote ‘hometown crowd’ of Rutgers,” he said.

Allen said RUPA has a great vision for the events they hold on campus.

Organizers are in constant communication with the production to see what kind of instruments they need or to see what kind of food or drinks they would like, Paxton said.

Paxton saw Blau perform while on spring break in Mexico, and said she is especially excited to meet him and see him perform again. 

“I think just having performers come to campus is a great way for people to hang out with their friends and to do something that they normally wouldn’t," Paxton said.

Brielle Diskin is a School of Arts and Sciences sophomore. She is a contributing writer for The Daily Targum.

Brielle Diskin

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