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Guide to getting into closed classes post registration


At some point in every student’s time at Rutgers, they will experience the feeling of overwhelming anxiety with eyes fixed to a WebReg loading screen, only to find more than half of the classes they have chosen have closed by the time it loads.

Many of us Scarlet Knights call this sensation the “RU Screw.”

As grueling as the process of registering for classes can be, it can be made a little bit easier with some tips, tricks and hacks.

If you haven't already met, introduce yourself to Degree Navigator and Course Schedule Planner and make them your best friends.

With Degree Navigator, you can see the requirements you've completed and what you have left, as well as which classes fulfill missing requirements.

Course Schedule Planner lets you pick as many courses as you want and plot out your schedule without officially registering you. You can also save schedule options, and when your time comes to register, you can do it straight from the website.

One thing to never forget — coming from someone who has made the mistake too many times — is to check your professor on ratemyprofessor.com before you register for the class.

I cannot stress this enough. Most of the time you should be okay with the professor, but there are always those times where you wind up getting 50 pages of required reading a night.

Every professor has their own style of teaching, and while some are harder than others, they will be reported on ratemyprofessor if there is something to know.

There is also Course Sniper, a website that allows you to put in the code of a closed course and will subsequently check WebReg in 15-minute intervals to see if it opens up. If that class opens, it will send you an email. Seizing your spot is up to you.

A good source for all of your smart and not-so-smart inquiries is the SAS freshman blog, sasfrosh.blogspot.com.

While most of us are no longer first-years, the blog is a great source for information you might've forgotten since your orientation.

For times you're really stuck in an RU screw, there is no harm in emailing the professor for a special permission code if you're locked out of their class.

Email a professor if you don't have the prerequisite or are not eligible based on credits for a course. Even if they can't help you, it's a good way to make a first impression in case you take the course during a different semester.

Another hack is to cozy up with upperclassmen who can save you a spot in a class before you can register. And when it comes to registration, there's no such thing as a stupid question, so ask away and hack away to get your golden schedule.

Brielle Diskin

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