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RUPA creates 'Morse Code Bracelet' event for passersby

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The Rutgers University Programming Association is working to expand their passerby events, which would allow students to integrate activities like crafting into their busy schedules.

On Monday, the Rutgers University Programming Association (RUPA) brought Rutgers students together for a "Morse Code Bracelet Craft" event at the Douglass Student Center.

Starting at 2 p.m., RUPA gave passersby a chance to design and create one-of-a-kind bracelets. Students re-created Morse code on the bracelets using beads, effectively creating a secret code only decipherable by the creator.

Rachel Mayer, a School of Arts and Sciences junior, is the head of RUPA’s Arts and Culture Committee.

“Basically what students are creating all different types of bracelets with various beads and threads in the style of Morse code,” Mayer said. 

RUPA’s Arts and Culture Committee regularly plans and executes passerby events throughout the Rutgers — New Brunswick campuses, she said. Her committee chose the "Morse Code Bracelet Craft" for the first time this semester because it promotes student engagement and community building.

“At RUPA, we thought Morse code would be a cool way to bring students, friends and the Rutgers community together through crafting,” Mayer said. “This particular event was a new idea that we invented and implemented just this year.”

She said that events like this help students meet new people and believes that crafting in Morse code can form lasting friendships through the hidden messages designed and shared by Rutgers students.

“We thought it would be super cool if Rutgers students could share little messages with each other through the bracelets that they make,” Mayer said. “In this scenario, only the creator and a couple of friends would know the meaning. It allows students the opportunity to make memories and new friends while simply walking around campus in between classes.”

RUPA Outreach, a section of the organization, creates events that are an essential part of student programming at Rutgers. 

Mayer said that the goal of hosting events such as the "Morse Code Bracelet Craft" is to encourage and cultivate student engagement throughout the day. Passersby events are opportunities where students can briefly stop by and take a break from class. They differ from some of RUPA's other events like "Beats on the Banks." 

“This event is sponsored by RUPA’s Art’s and Culture Committee,” she said. “We usually plan these things at the start of the Spring semester or towards the end of the Fall semester. This passerby event has been planned out for months. We’re really happy to see 'Morse Code Bracelet Craft' pan out like this. The turnout is awesome so far.”

Ciara Kaiser, a School of Arts and Sciences junior, was one of many students who stopped by the "Morse Code Bracelet Craft" throughout the day. 

Kaiser said that she loves crafting and was very excited to partake in the event.

“I was ecstatic when I learned what exactly RUPA was hosting here," she said. “This booth is awesome. Crafting in between classes is very stress relieving and I met some cool new people. Now I’m on the lookout for more of these pop-up booths and events.”

Unfortunately, students looking for more events like this will have to wait until next semester. Mayer said that the "Morse Code Bracelet Craft" is actually one of the last events planned by the Arts and Culture Committee for the Spring semester.

In the meantime, she said that RUPA has a ton of exciting events coming up that students can engage in. In particular, RUPA plans to hold "Party at the Puddle" on Cook campus on April 26, starting at 3 p.m.

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