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WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts | September 15, 2017



The Rutgers Student Food Pantry has been working with the New Brunswick Farmer's Market to create a new system involving “market bucks” that students can use. These “market bucks” are given to those students who use the food pantry, so that they can use them at the farmer's market to get produce that would otherwise not be available to them otherwise. The food pantry is also planning to start a shuttle service for students who live off-campus or on a different campus and need to carry groceries. We laurel the Rutgers Student Food Pantry for going above and beyond to accommodate for the students in need.


Many of Rutgers’ buildings were built before 1980, when asbestos was utilized within them in order to insulate the buildings. The University has said that the asbestos is not hazardous while undisturbed, but, if someone was to be exposed to it, it could lead to the possibility of lung cancer, a buildup of scar-like tissue in the lungs, and mesothelioma amongst others. We dart the lack of action taken to remove the asbestos within the University’s buildings.


The Rutgers University’s Office of Academic Services enrolls incoming transfer students into the Students in Transition Seminar (STS) in order to aid them in their transition to Rutgers. STS is a free, pass-or-no-credit 1-credit course for transfer students entering the School of Arts and Sciences and School of Communication and Information. We laurel the University for creating a course that helps the newest members of our Rutgers community feel more comfortable at their new home.


Club Alex hosted five expert panelists to speak on the difficulties surrounding New Brunswick’s music scene. The panelists said that there has been a decline of above-ground shows and venues. They credited this decline to the increase of police presence within these areas. We dart this decrease of venues as they deny the community the chance to experience music outside of the mainstream spectrum.


Rutgers has been known for its outstanding professors, but one of the University’s part-time lecturer in specific has been recognized. Rate My Professors, the website where students review their university professors, put out a list of its highest ranked professors in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom, and John Kerrigan of the Rutgers Department of Mathematics placed seventh. We laurel Kerrigan for being an inspiration to his students, representing Rutgers in such a positive way and truly deserving this title.


Rutgers Student Health does not provide its students with a medical note if the illness or injury that the student has is minor. They explained this by saying that they reserve medical notes for those with more severe illnesses and injuries, and that having medical notes for every ailment would waste time. However, this forces students with minor but extremely uncomfortable illnesses, whose professors require notes, to go to class. We dart this policy for not being considerate of all illnesses. 

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