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WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts | September 22, 2017



Three Rutgers alumni and one current student triumphed at the 2017 Hult Prize competition in New York City this past Saturday. This year’s Hult Prize challenge was to restore the dignity of 1 million refugees by the year 2022. The team’s award-winning idea to implement an affordable and accessible transportation network within areas highly concentrated with refugees in South Asia. We laurel these dedicated Rutgers students and alumni for their success in representing Rutgers’ values, as well as the University itself for fostering such ideals.


Rutgers students have found it difficult to connect their hands-free speaker devices to Rutgers’ main wi-fi network. These devices, such as Amazon Echoes and Google Homes, do not just play music, but are also interactive. Students have to jump through hoops to get their devices to connect, as some need to purchase ethernet cords. We dart Rutgers’ main wi-fi network for not being accessible enough for students. 


As part of a cultural awareness series held by Middlesex County Commission, the University held a seminar regarding Native American art culture. The event focused on discussing native studies and language preservation. Through this program, the University hopes to create a conversation outside of what is being taught within the classrooms, specifically regarding misrepresentation. We laurel the University and the Middlesex County Commission for their efforts in educating the community on the issues of Native American people. 


Yet another violent crime occurred off-campus this Tuesday. The altercation involved three people who were injured in a shooting. Reports indicate that it was not a “random act of violence” but rather involved targeted victims. This is the second time this week that a crime has occurred off-campus. We dart the dangerous living conditions of off-campus housing that creates an unsafe environment for students to live in. 


This past Monday, Douglass College, now known as Douglass Residential College, celebrated 100 years of existence. This event was one of many to come as Rutgers plans to dedicate the year to events and activities that highlight the success of Douglass College in their endeavors to support and guide young women. The presentations focused heavily upon programs in the STEM field. We laurel Rutgers and Douglass College for a longstanding tradition of fostering a community of progress for women.


Although Rutgers has been adamant and outspoken about the recent talks of repealing the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program by President Donald J. Trump, there appears to be no definitive solution for the legislation. Even the bipartisan DACA-deal seems to have holes in it that cannot guarantee its passing. We dart the unsettling situation that this repeal might create for students within the Rutgers community. 

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