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Wear your last-minute Halloween costume with pride, creativity

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For so many, Halloween sneaks up on you. When you are finally finished up with midterms, get settled in your class schedule and are able to get a seat on a Rutgers bus, suddenly you have to prepare several Halloween costumes. 

There is no shame in the last-minute costume. It is in many ways inevitable. While it may seem bleak during the 11th hour, you will often find everything you need for the perfect look with things already in your closet.

Many of the past year’s trendiest Halloween costumes include makeup. Whether you're penciling on leopard spots or painting on a skeleton’s face, your next best costume could very well be on your vanity. 

The skeleton costume has made a huge revolution inspiring everyone from your typical college student to high-fashion bloggers. Heavily detailed skulls have become a go-to look. 

Similarly, there has been a rise in the number of pop art, “Jigsaw" faces — which look really scary — and zombies makeup. 

The best part of most makeup-only costumes is that it goes with anything in your closet, especially anything simple and black. 

If you are cosmetically challenged, like me, your best friend is a good YouTube tutorial. You can find any look by entering the name of the costume followed by “tutorial,” and you will find a myriad of videos with step-by-step instructions.

When picking a costume also consider that it is Halloween in 2017, and gender norms can be broken. Girls, go ahead and throw on a lab coat and call yourself Rick Sanchez. Or guys, feel free to be the bunny to her Hugh Hefner. In fact, such a duo is highly anticipated for this year’s Halloween.

Said costumes can be made with items mostly everyone owns. Grab a bathrobe and pick up a pipe from one of the many smoke shops down Easton Avenue, and be the founder of Playboy. Throw cat ears on with a little black dress or leopard ears with an old cheetah skirt. Or pair timberlands with a pair of jeans and a red plaid flannel be a lumberjack — or everyone's favorite face on the Brawny paper towel rolls.

You can also always go for a classic cultural reference. For fellow binge-watchers of "How I Met Your Mother," you will remember Ted Mosby’s long-running “Hanging Chad." "The Office" fans will all remember Jim Halpert's iconic three-hole-punch costume. The common thread between the two is the humor or the irony. The funniest costumes can often come from the simplest of items you probably already have.

Perhaps go down to the hardware store and collect all the grey paint samples, tape 50 of them onto a black t-shirt and be "Fifty Shades of Grey." Or do the same concept on a t-shirt except with sponges and you can be “self-absorbed.”

Need some more ideas? Try pulling out everything you own that’s camouflage or khaki and add on a pair of aviator sunglasses and you have yourself a pretty cool army uniform made chic. Let’s also not forget the never-failing Risky Business costume, made up with a pair of briefs or spandex, an oversized button down and a pair of black sunglasses.

Forget your closet, there is actually a lot you can do with your old white sheets. Cut two holes in it and go around yelling “boo.” Go further and look up a video for a makeshift toga wrap and wear gold jewelry and be a Greek god or goddess.

Then when all else fails and you really just want the world to know how last minute your Halloween look really was, take a white tee and write “error 404” all over it. Even worse, write the word "book" on your face and be “Facebook” this year.

The last-minute costumes can often be the most silly and creative of costumes. They are emblems of your busy schedules or rather the expansiveness of your creativity. Afterall it is not about the costume, but rather the caption you get to put under your Instagram post. So go ahead, ransack your closet and get inventive.

Brielle Diskin

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