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Morning rush? How to look effortlessly refreshed in a time crunch

Your alarm reads 7:20 a.m. You’re sweaty, suddenly alert and you’re laying beside a built-up puddle of drool and an open notebook. You have to be on the F bus in 20 minutes to make it to your final exam that starts in 40. Attempting to look like you didn’t just pull yourself up from a drool-pool may seem like the most daunting task right now, but it doesn’t have to be. 

If you’re stressing over and sleeping through final exams, two key ways to smash stress in the morning are to prepare the night before and smartly find ways to cut down on your beauty routine. If you’re smart with your time, you can emerge just as chic and effortless as the Hadid sisters.

Set an outfit the night before

If you know you’re going to spend the night cramming, and that you’ll possibly fall asleep in the process, prepare a comfy and chic outfit you like the night before. Try the outfit on and make sure you love the way you look in it. Keep it classic and simple and get all your indecisiveness out before it’s morning. 

Chop your beauty routine in half

You’re totally multitasking. You’re wondering what you’ll grab to eat on the go, trying to glue some last minute notes to your brain and calculating how brisk your steps must be for you to make it to the bus stop on time. When you’re in a rush, your products should multitask, too. You can’t pull off an hour-long Kim Kardashian look in 15 minutes. To speed up your beauty routine, lather your face with your favorite cleanser as usual and then start with a tinted moisturizer with SPF. This will keep your skin hydrated while adding a little coverage that’ll take you from tired to glowing. Laura Mercier and Maybelline produce lightweight, oil-free fan favorites. Also, incorporate a creamy blush or liquid tinted stain into your beloved product collection to plump your lips with a smooth, rosy hue and flush your cheeks. These products work double-duty to pump some pretty, natural-looking color into your routine, and a rosy color looks amazing on all skin tones. Finally, open up your eyes with an eyelash curler and two quick coats of your favorite mascara. You’ll look fresh-faced and awake within just mere minutes of work.

Have your hair figured out

Unless you wake up with a fabulous head of hair each morning, this one’s for you. You can’t do any sort of extravagant styling with just a few minutes, but you can wrap your hair up in a cool knot of your choice. A ponytail, sleek or not, is classic and achievable, and a messy bun can be both cute and edgy. If you have a case of slick, greasy hair on your hands, save yourself the shower time by working a little bit of dry shampoo through your roots.

Finally, squeeze in a morning snack

Even if you’re running unbelievably late, make sure you treat your body nicely with some nourishment. Whether this is a banana, an orange or a heart-healthy granola bar, you have to get something in your system to get your morning started right and to prepare for your exam. If you can swing it, keep your body hydrated with a glass of water before you go, as there will be no caramel macchiatos in your near future.

You can’t always get up with enough time in the morning, so it’s important to have a backup morning routine prepared so you can look effortlessly amazing, even on your limited mornings. So take a breath, get prepping and stock up on smart makeup and portable morning snacks. The morning is yours.

Abigail Lyon

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