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Barchi supports DACA program 1 month before deadline

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President Robert L. Barchi emailed students yesterday with resources on how they can support DACA DREAMers before the program-renewal deadline expires in March. He reiterated the importance of student advocacy in keeping DACA issues in front of Congress.

In an email sent early yesterday, University President Robert L. Barchi directed students to an online tool for those interested in supporting the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program before its March deadline. 

The email’s subject line read “One Final Opportunity to Advocate for Dreamers.” In its body, Barchi said that Rutgers has been a national leader in advocating for the protection of the DACA program. 

“Over the course of the past year, our community has generated more than 33,000 letters to members of Congress urging the House of Representatives and the Senate to adopt bipartisan legislation to solve the DACA dilemma,” he said.

Interested students can go to the Rutgers Advocacy web page, where they are asked to provide a name and address in support of the program. Barchi said the form then generates a letter of support that is emailed to the student’s U.S. senator and representative, as well as President Donald J. Trump.

He said that participation is entirely optional and that he understands members of the community might have different points of view.

“I would never presume to tell you what to do with respect to legislative advocacy. We are offering this option to you because many people in our community have participated in activities to advocate for undocumented students,” Barchi said.

In the email he provided a link to the United States Government’s web page, which provides information on how to contact elected officials across the country. 

Student advocacy has made a difference in keeping the DACA issue in front of Congress, Barchi said. Republicans and Democrats are now ready to put aside differences and take action.

“We can make sure that happens … but only if we act quickly. If you share my concern about making permanent these protections, I’d like to ask you to join me one more time, for one last push to save DACA,” Barchi said.

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