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Pipe burst causes flood on 6th floor of Rutgers apartment building

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At around midnight, residents on the 6th floor of the Easton Avenue Apartments were asked to evacuate their rooms due to flooding caused by a pipe break in the emergency staircase. Efforts by Rutgers Housing Facilities to remove any excess water are currently underway. 

Early yesterday morning, a flood on the sixth floor of the Easton Avenue Apartments forced residents to temporarily relocate their rooms.

Ben Shahar, a senior in the School of Arts and Sciences and resident at the Easton Avenue Apartments, said that he was in his room around midnight when alarms went off and residents were moved to the lobby.

“I didn’t know what was going on but I figured it had to be something important, it can’t be a drill because it’s midnight. They don’t normally do drills at midnight,” he said.

Once outside, residents were informed that the flood was caused by a water pipe burst in the emergency staircase.

"It was actually just half of the sixth floor, it was the half with the lower numbers and the longer wing," Shahar said.

Residents were out of their rooms for about 2 hours, he said. They waited outside the building for an hour before being let back inside, at which point sixth-floor residents stayed in the lobby for another hour.

Shahar said that before being let back upstairs, a Rutgers representative told the students, “if your room was affected you do have the option to move to an emergency single or if you so choose you can stay with a friend, but if you’re not affected then you are more than welcome to go back to your room.”

He said the situation was handled well considering the circumstances, and that he was lucky enough to return to an apartment that was not damaged by the flood. 

Rutgers Housing Services is currently shampooing carpets, draining excess water and bagging items found on the floor to inspect for damages. Residents are allowed to return to their rooms today and have been asked to refrain from entering areas where carpets are still being shampooed, according to an email sent yesterday from Residence Life Coordinator Sabrina LoBue. 

This happened just days after a similar incident occurred on Douglass campus, where a pipe burst caused by a frozen heating unit flooded parts of Hickman Hall.

Richard Lau, a professor in the Department of Political Science, said that offices on the first and third floor of the building were flooded and are currently out of use. Efforts to fix damages are underway.

Shahar said he was not given a specific estimate as to when the Easton Avenue apartments will be dry and fully operational again, but that the University is working to fix the problem.

“I do hope that they send an email out to the Easton Avenue community saying what happened, because there are people not here whose rooms were affected,” he said

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