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Rejuvenate, refresh with DIY face mist

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Sometimes all you need to feel instantly refreshed is a fresh spritz of face mist. As for favorites, everyone loves a little Mario Badescu spray packed with all-natural aloe, herbs and rosewater. It perks up your skin with a touch of moisture so you’re left with a radiant look. 

It all sounds so luxe, especially the rosewater part, and you just might wonder: why not make it yourself? After all, the benefits to this kind of spray are endless. It’s usually a natural, fragrant product that keeps skin at its peak vitality by adding moisture and taming inflammation. Plus it’s the perfect way to keep you dewy in the winter. 

It’s so easy to take on a DIY project like this, and once you do, you can concoct the perfect potion to suit your skincare needs. This is especially important for those bearing sensitive skin troubles. Rosewater soothes skin, but other ingredients aren’t as gentle. A homemade mist will allow you to control what you’re applying to your face, which can mean less blotchy itchiness, more happiness — comme c'est beau. 

To get started on rejuvenating your skin, buy or repurpose a small, freshly-cleaned spray bottle. Then, you can determine what your skincare needs are and make the mist accordingly. The easiest, foolproof facial spray combines two accessible ingredients: herbal tea and another skin-soothing agent.

The first component, an herbal tea, will provide you with a base for the spray. Green tea is perfect, because it’s compact with antioxidants and therefore acts as an elixir to fight skin inflammation, among other benefits. Once you’ve steeped two tea bags in a cup of filtered water, or mineral water for extra goodness, chill it for 1 hour.

To complete the mix, you can then add an essential oil or extract to the cold tea. For sensitive and dry skin, combine equal parts pure, pH-balancing rosewater to the drink. Not only is this spritz option a beautiful color and scent, it’s so healing for your skin. If you’re not into the smell of roses, add four crushed mint leaves to the tea instead to achieve the same healing effect with a distinct aroma and cooling twist.

If you’d like to tone down an oily complexion midday and combat troublesome acne on the go, a teaspoon of witch hazel extract per cup of tea can be one of the best tools to tame your skin. The astringent also tightens up your skin for a smooth look, which is especially great for those who sometimes suffer from puffy eyes or who like a poreless complexion. It also reduces many visible signs of aging — it’s never too early to begin preserving your youth.

To step up your skin-hydration game, drip a few drops of your favorite essential oil into the base. Jojoba, almond, tea tree or macadamia oils are good choices. To dissolve some of your midterms stress, opt for 2 to 3 drops of vanilla oil and lift yourself right up. Avoid citrus-based oils if you can, as they can alter the pigmentation of your skin. 

For both hydration and anti-aging in one superpower spritz, craft a spray made from equal parts herbal tea and coconut water.

There are so many options out there. But no matter what you need it for, you can easily make a mist that rivals Mario Badescu any day of the week.

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