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WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts | February 23, 2017


At $5 to $7 each, Rutgers Cinema on Livingston campus allows students to purchase movie tickets at the lowest prices in New Jersey. Watching movies has been a common pastime in American culture for many years. People use motion pictures to take their minds off the real world for a moment, which is a break students can use in their stressful academic lives that does not involve getting intoxicated. We laurel Rutgers Cinema for offering students the chance to see new films for reasonable prices. 


Rutgers Gardens, located on Cook campus, is home to the Rutgers Farmers Market, which allows members of the community to buy fresh and locally produced fruits and vegetables, as well as other prepared items. While fresh and healthy foods are always good to consume, farmers markets have a tendency to come with, what to many are seen as, high prices. High prices for fresh foods mean less access to those who need them most, those with low incomes. We dart the lack of affordable access to healthy meals those in poverty have. 


The General Assembly of the New Jersey State Legislature approved legislation on Thursday that is aimed at preventing sexual predators from being employed at schools. Through stricter vetting processes of employment history and widespread education for our young people with regard to these issues, our state’s leaders are attempting to enact real change. The bills that laid these things out were passed unanimously. We laurel the members of our state’s government who are pushing to solve these types of problems in our society. 


New Jersey's unemployment rate has been steadily rising over the past month, and has surpassed the national average by approximately 1 percent — ours at 5 percent and the nation’s at 4.1. While the state’s unemployment rate increases, Rutgers graduates are actually doing well, with 86 percent finding work or being enrolled in graduate school relatively soon after graduation. With that said, we acknowledge the struggle for the larger community that comes along with a high unemployment rate. We dart those struggles and the factors that lead to it being so difficult for some to find jobs to sustain themselves. 


Rutgers has been one of the top producers of Fulbright scholars for nine years straight, this year with 14 students and alumni receiving Fulbright grants. Sponsored by the Department of State, the Fulbright U.S. Student Program awards approximately 1,500 grants to U.S. students yearly for things like research projects and teaching assistant programs. The amount of Rutgers affiliates that receive these awards shows our school’s commitment to providing quality education and resources to its students, and for that, we laurel the University.


Rutgers organizations created a petition aiming to gather support for disinviting the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency (ICE) from Rutgers—Newark’s Government and Public Service Career Fair, which took place on Wednesday. ICE ended up withdrawing itself from the fair after the petition was set in motion. The petition to disinvite ICE was based on the idea that the agency’s objectives contradict Rutgers’ values and would create an unsafe environment for students — a debatable argument. We dart the seeming notion that any and all ideas or groups that challenge our University’s values should be brushed aside and shunned. 


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