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EDITORIAL: The Targum is by students, for students

All productive opinions have right to be expressed


At the bottom of every opinions piece published in The Daily Targum is the following truth: "Columns, cartoons and letters do not necessarily reflect the views of the Targum Publishing Company or its staff."

We feel this must be expressed in a straightforward manner, as recent articles in other news publications have, on more than one occasion, taken the words of an opinions piece published in The Daily Targum to be the actual opinion of The Daily Targum — for example, one piece published in LifeZette this past Sunday discusses a recently published column on the idea of “toxic masculinity," but unduly makes it seem as if what was stated was the Targum's own opinion. In reality, the opinions of the Targum can be found in our editorials, which represent the majority views of the 150th editorial board. The specification that our editorials are the opinion of the 150th editorial board, and not any other previous board, is important to emphasize for reasons that will be discussed later.

In January, the individuals that make up Board 150 were caucused into their positions, which range from news editor to design editor to video editor and more. Each individual that makes up Board 150 has their own distinct view, or lack thereof in some cases, on the same issues that all other students at Rutgers are worried about. We put an extraordinary number of hours into producing this newspaper, but even then, we are students first. We have personal worries and personal goals separate from our temporary, but important jobs at this publication. With that said, and referring back to the fact that we are a distinct and new editorial board, the increasingly discussed notion that the students of the Targum have some sinister collective agenda aimed at extinguishing conservatism on campus or combatting the free marketplace of ideas is entirely misleading. The students who write and work for the Targum have no agenda, aside from the desire to gain experience on an individual basis and produce quality work. 

The aforementioned can be attested to by anyone who has written for us. As should be commonly known, we encourage anyone who has an interest in journalism to join us. No specific character trait, such as political affiliation, has anything to do with who writes for us.

It is the view of the 150th editorial board of the Targum that prevailing opinions on any given topic are almost never the entire truth of the matter, and those who hold opposing opinions to those held by the majority have an equally valid right to express them, as their opinions too may very well hold grains of truth. The point here is that the Targum never discriminates on what it publishes in the opinions section unless it is inherently and blatantly racist, sexist or discriminatory. To not publish opinions pieces that happen to skew extensively one way or another would be to undermine the aforementioned value, because all opinions given in the good-hearted interest of furthering discussion on relevant issues should be heard. This is why the Targum’s opinions section even publishes pieces it receives that the majority of the editorial board finds contrary to their own individual moral and ideological values. 

This editorial was written in the hopes that it can help shed light on the values of Board 150 and the personnel changes that take place within this newspaper every year. Nobody should feel discouraged from coming and working with us based on any unfounded notions of what has been embellished to reflect some sort of bureaucracy. If you want change or have an idea on how we can be better, then come and help us — contribute, send us your opinion, apply to be a columnist. You are the student body, and these are your voices, so come help us spread your truths on campus.


The Daily Targum's editorials represent the views of the majority of the 150th editorial board. Columns, cartoons and letters do not necessarily reflect the views of the Targum Publishing Company or its staff.

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