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Feeling artsy? Visit these student budget-friendly museums

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Although there’s plenty of great art at Rutgers, wanting to leave campus to find some more is perfectly understandable. The tri-state area has some of the world’s greatest museums, and that’s hard to pass up. But, city trips can require plenty of cash, so museums that offer student discounts can be a godsend. Here are five museums that can make for a great day trip.

1. Barnes Foundation There’s no shortage of impressive art in Philadelphia, with one of the best locations being the Barnes Foundation. The foundation primarily showcases art from 19th and 20th-century artists and features work from Picasso, van Gogh and more. Art education is also a big emphasis at the foundation and it holds many free events showcasing works that explore art history and social issues. Student prices at the Barnes Foundation are $5, a huge markdown from the $30 fee for adults.

2. The Museum of Modern Art (MoMa) The MoMA holds one of the world’s greatest collections of modernist art, with art of all different mediums showcased in the New York City staple. There are two different locations in the MoMA family, with the main art collection located in Manhattan. MoMA PS1 is the MoMA’s exhibition space, whose mission is to display “the most experimental art in the world,” according to its website. With various events held throughout the month, MoMA PS1 is the more interactive side of the company. Thankfully, both locations have options for free and discounted entry. The MoMA is free on Fridays from 4 to 8 p.m., and MoMA PS1 is only $5 with a student ID. 

3. The New Museum of Contemporary Art  Commonly referred to as the “New Museum,” this NYC-based museum is well known for solely featuring contemporary art, or art being made in the present day. Since 1977, the Lower East Side establishment has showcased artists just about to hit their peak. If you want to see the next big artists first, this can be a good choice. Art in the 21st Century is always moving and evolving, and museums like the New Museum help document the many changes in real time. The New Museum has a student discount of $12, while the general price is $18. 

4. Philadelphia's Graffiti Pier For an experience that takes art out of the museum, Philadelphia’s Graffiti Pier is a great spot. The abandoned coal-loading pier was taken over by the city’s graffiti artists, and over the years, an incredible amount of tags, portraits and designs have accumulated. The pier is a  hugely popular Instagram spot, but the space itself is incredibly unique, unlike any classic museum. It’s literally just an abandoned pier, so it’s free, and a great stop on any Philly excursion. Maybe hold on to this idea until early spring though, the wind is unforgiving at the waterfront location. 

5. The Metropolitan Museum of Art (Met) The Met is the United States’ largest art museum, featuring some of the most famous pieces of art ever. With a reputation that big, you would expect a hefty admission fee. But, the Met is pay-as-you-wish for students from the tri-state area, and Rutgers students qualify. With recent exhibitions on legendary artists like Michelangelo and more art than you have time to see, the Met is definitely a great weekend trip. All that work for free shouldn’t go to waste.

6. Zimmerli Art Museum Back here at Rutgers, the Zimmerli Art Museum is open every day except Monday and is free to all. Zimmerli also stays open late on Tuesdays, when they often offer curator-led tours. Musical performances and interactive events are scheduled throughout the month.

There’s plenty of great art being made and shown at a discount, so don’t feel limited by what’s in your wallet, and flash your student ID when possible.

Jordan Levy

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