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As cold weather lingers, keep winter wardrobe fresh

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Waking up to 30-degree weather and having to rush to a Monday morning class makes it very tempting to just roll out of bed in the sweats we slept in, but our winter attire doesn’t always have to consist of Rutgers hoodies and the first pair of sweatpants we see in our closet. According to the groundhog, there’s still a month left of winter, so it’s never too late to swap out our go-to cozy outfit for clothes that will make us look and feel good. 

Since we can’t control how cold the weather will be, the easiest way to look cute and still be cozy is to layer. Wearing a button-down shirt under a sweater or putting on a long sleeve under a cardigan can keep out the cold, while still being stylish. 

Manuel Silva, a School of Arts and Sciences junior, has made the effort to not let the cold weather keep him in sweatpants and a hoodie.

 “It is crucial to layer in the wintertime. Layering is such a diverse way of looking cute in the winter,” Silva said. 

There are endless ways to layer, and playing around with wintertime essentials, such as sweaters, turtlenecks and jackets, can give you easy, comfortable and fashionable outfits each day. By just layering items that you already have in your closet, you can create new outfits that don’t take much effort to put on. 

For the guys out there trying to figure out how to layer, Silva’s favorite layered outfit consists of a wide neck sweater, which is easy to put on and made of knit material, a Henley thermal underneath for warmth, a pair of jeans or joggers and a jacket. Another go-to look is a long sleeve turtleneck shirt under an oversized sweater, ripped jeans and a leather jacket. The great part about layering is that when it starts to get warm — which happens often due to the constant fluctuation in temperature in New Jersey — you can always take a layer off. 

Shoes and accessories can make a big difference in our everyday outfits, and they take minimal amounts of effort when getting dressed in the morning. Instead of wearing your everyday sneakers to class, maybe put on a pair of boots. Not only do boots go with plenty of outfits, they are also effective in keeping our feet warm in the blistering cold. From combat-inspired to knee-high boots, there is a style that can work for everyone. Over-the-knee boots are popular right now, and can be worn with jeans tucked in or paired with a dress.

 Chelsea boots for men are in style right now, giving guys a way to add a little more flair to a plain outfit. Adding accessories that are both stylish and functional are great ways to change up your clothes. Having a patterned scarf or a knit beanie are great ways to protect ourselves from bone-chilling wind while also adding another component to an outfit. Want to wear low-top shoes but dread the freezing wind on your ankles? Finding a pair of colored or patterned socks to peek out of your shoes is a subtle but trendy way to alter an outfit. 

Wearing prints or adding a pop of color during the gloomy and dark days of winter can help us feel a little better about having to leave our warm homes. 

“Clothes can really make you feel some type of way,” Silva said. 

There is some truth to the saying “Look good, feel good” — you’d be surprised at how putting in a little extra effort into your outfit can affect your confidence for the day. Wearing funky pants or a bright-colored sweater can have the same effect. Instead of just wearing plain clothes, doing this can make you look and feel good since it seems that you put in some extra effort into your day, even though it’s just a simple change between wearing a plain black t-shirt to wearing a striped one. 

A current trend right now are glen plaid pants. Since they are printed pants, they look super fashionable even though they feel like joggers. The best part of having articles of clothing that are printed or colored is that they aren’t just limited to winter attire, and can be worn during any time of the year. 

The wintertime struggle is real, and that is definitely something we can all agree on. Our outfits don’t have to reflect that struggle. By making simple swaps to our everyday outfits, we can go from tired, college student to full-on fashionista. 

Leona Juan

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