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Partner up with fun, interactive workouts

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We all have a friend we love to go out to eat with, but what about a work-out buddy? Buddying up for a workout comes with tons of benefits, most importantly, you and your partner will motivated to work harder. And you’ll hold each other accountable for completing the toughest of sweat sessions, not to mention catching up and kicking butt with your bestie or significant other is a seriously fun way to get fit. With all that in mind, you probably want to get on it as soon as you can. Here are just a few workouts that prove everything, or at least exercise, is better together.

Take on classic partner workouts, or get creative

Interactive workouts are quintessential partner exercises. High five sit-ups, resistance band play and weighted ball passing probably come to mind immediately, but workouts can be even more creative than that. You can incorporate strictly bodyweight workouts to your gym routine and blast fat with a combination of exercises like wheelbarrow push-up squats and many others. But if battling these workouts is intimidating, there are other fine options out there.

Form a running club

Running may be one of the universe’s most loathed workouts, but doing it with a friend can spike your cardio with a dose of delight. Meet at least twice a week to do sprints up the steep Buccleuch Park hill (those who know, know) or to conquer a 3-mile College Avenue to Busch loop. You can also take to the roads and terrains of New Brunswick and challenge yourselves to a steady time goal of 30 minutes or more. If the weather is unfavorable, score treadmills next to each other at the gym for matching tempo runs. To keep yourselves motivated during a rather grueling run, form a post-run cappuccino or healthy lunch ritual.

Become fitness class friends

Slipping on your Manduka mat at hot yoga is much more fun with a friend than without, plus you’re 40 percent more likely to drop out of a fitness class if you go on your own, so sign up together. Rutgers Recreation offers free fitness and wellness classes for all full-time students on each campus, so you can even turn your study buddy into your fitness friend for a post-class Vinyasa yoga sesh. Consider cutting some time into your busy schedule for a friend you barely see and suggest attending a workout class together. Fitness classes are a great way to maximize your time: You can see a friend and get your workout in at once.

Take on online workouts

You don’t have to be a fitness expert to perk up your derriere and alter your arms. You two can defeat a variety of different high intensity interval training videos in the comfort of your home, in a free corner of the gym and even outside among nature. Fitness Blender is a beautiful online source for a number of workouts tailored to different needs, and Instagram is great for a condensed workout tutorial, brought to you by your favorite Insta fitness models like Jen Selter and Whitney Simmons. All you need to do is blast some upbeat tunes and let sweat exit your pores as you take on the routine. Nothing’s better than burpees with a bud and planks with a pal, right?

Now that you’ve got some ideas about working out with a friend, all you have to do is search for your perfect chum (or several) and get started.

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