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Food and drink trends you'll see everywhere in 2018


Over the last couple years, we’ve seen a wide range of food and drink change attitudes toward health and the environment. In 2016, we had the avocado craze. In 2017, meal prepping became popular. Now, we have a number of eclectic foods already trending and predicted to trend for the rest of the year.

It seems 2018 is set to be a year of adventurous veggie and vegan cuisine while the rise of “good eats” and advances in technology take a firmer hold in today’s society. Wondering what to expect from the future of food and drink? Check out the food forecast.

  1. Hawaiian food

Poke bowls are everyday foods in Hawaii. It’s simply sushi unrolled in a bowl without the presentation. This year, the sensational sushi bowl is suspected to cross over into the mainstream. It is customizable and could be a little expensive depending on where you buy it from. In New Brunswick the restaurant Edo, located on 16 Condict St., is a great local place to try this upcoming trend. 

  1. Plant-based protein

With more and more restaurants embracing healthy ingredients, such as tofu, tempeh, beans and quinoa, veganism is on the rise. Plant-based diets are likely to give people the fiber, vitamins and minerals that are important for good health. This balanced diet can include fruit, vegetables, grains, nuts and meat substitutes, such as soy products. Honeygrow, on 36 College Ave., is a great place to experiment eating plant-based roots since there’ll be more meat-free days in 2018.

  1. Everyday food tech

Sick of ready-made, unhealthy foods delivered to your door? There is a new kind of delivery service purchased from companies, such as Whole Foods Market or Amazon, who specialize in delivering recipe kits right to your door. This emerging trend is set to become even bigger. It takes the hassle out of shopping for individual ingredients that end up spoiled on multiple shelfs of your refrigerator, especially for cooks with small fridges. 

  1. Soup! Soup! Soup!

Packing your daily intake of vegetables and spices stuffed with fiber into one bowl is another possible rising trend in 2018. Asian foods such as pho, ramen and laksa are rapidly expanding across the states. Ramen Nagomi, located on 49 Bayard St., is a tiny restaurant becoming packed with several college students more and more each day. This nails our need for nutritious and delicious foods that satisfy the year’s adventurous trends.

  1. Get gut-healthy

Improving digestive health is a huge trend heading into 2018. Companies are beginning to promote apple cider vinegar as remedies and cures for everything from acne to hangovers. There are a number of products on the market that support digestive and immune health. Tempeh, miso and kimchi are pickled foods that are likely to be added to menus as more consumers become aware of their health benefits. Expect to see more of these gut-healthy food items this year.

  1. Edible flowers

Ever see flowers on the side of your dish for decoration? These have been used to make your plate look pretty, but many don’t know that some are edible! You may have seen these in teas, lattes and bubble teas to infuse flavor in your drink! Hibiscus, lavender, rose, elderflower and others, are expected to grow in grocery stores and restaurants. Stay tuned to hear about other flowers blossoming into 2018 as the year goes on.

Every year it seems like the health food industry continues to come up with creative ways to approach ordinary food and drinks. Whether they are different cultural foods, environmentally aware ones or unique recipes, restaurants are constantly evolving to provide for consumer needs as eaters become aware of health benefits.

Rebecca Hanna

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