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Instagram chefs, bloggers dishing out food for your feed

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Food. It’s the great equalizer, something we all need and something we all love. Of course, while the nourishment is most important, the aesthetic of food can play a huge role in consumption. Nowadays when there’s a large emphasis on appearance, there’s a good chance Instagram is involved. Food is no different, and the app is full of accounts that serve up a feast. If you’re a fan of #FoodPorn, here are some accounts that might help feed your craving.


Chef Dominique Ansel has been rated as one of the best pastry chefs in the world, winning multiple awards. Ansel also has a true entrepreneurial eye, with multiple restaurants in New York and internationally. This IG account is an account for just one of his locations, the Manhattan-based “Kitchen” location. Pastries of all shapes and sizes can be seen, and it’s clear why Ansel is known as one of the best. Intricate designs and vibrant colors make the desserts and snacks look like mini sculptures. There’s also many of his signature soups and sandwiches on display for those looking to skip dessert. With plenty of range and variety, Ansel’s IG feed makes his restaurant more appealing, to the eye and to the stomach.


Rawsome Treats is a plant-based, paleo-friendly dessert line. Founded in 2013 by Muay Thai fighter and chef Watt Sriboonruang, the brand was originally meant to satisfy Sriboonruang’s sweet tooth. When she realized that there was a place a market for her products, she launched the dessert boutique, and they haven’t looked back since. As the name implies, all the desserts are raw, plant-based items, and since plants come in many shades, that makes for food of many hues. Christmas trees of cauliflower, purple potatoes and a multi-palette pie are all on display on the IG, so check it out.


Adrianna Adarme is the blogger, chef and photographer who runs A Cozy Kitchen. Her official website is all about her favorite recipes and food, and the company's IG feed boasts a constant stream of delectable selections for your viewing pleasure. Ranging from snacks to full on dinner spreads, Adarme documents many of the things she makes and loves to eat. The photos don’t look staged or fake, but like quality food captured at its freshest, when it’s bound to look its best. Since she provides a recipe for a lot of her posts, this is a good account for those willing to try their hand in the kitchen.


Spoonforkbacon is run by a food stylist and a commercial photographer who both love to create and capture food at it’s finest. Jenny Park, the food stylist, makes recipes and makes the food. Teri Lyn Fisher, the photographer, sets up all the shots for the team. The duo work hand in hand, being able to develop and document everything they do in real time. The results look absolutely delicious, but what might be coolest is how engaged they are with fans, and the various types of content they produce outside of the average food pic. They consistently blog about life as people working in a section of the food industry that simply didn’t exist a few years ago. It’s an interesting look at how social media has changed the world of food.


Basically is a side venture of Bon Appétit magazine, one of the premier food magazines in the country. The goal of this account and website is to educate those interested on food. Anything about food really, from proper utensils to less popular types of food and foolproof hacks to elevate your game in the kitchen. Timely and practical articles pop up on a consistent basis ready to teach you something you didn’t know, like a recent post explaining what “tomatillos” are. This page, while still very pretty, is less about the visual aspect and more about the educational side of food. For anyone who’s still a bit uncomfortable making food, this may be a great place to start.

If you’re a foodie, then this is a good springboard for you to find more accounts that give you what you’re hungry for. Thankfully, when it comes to Instagram, there’s no problem with your eyes being bigger than your stomach.

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