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Spring fever: Incorporate bright hues, wild prints into everyday wardrobe

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While the current weather may not be as warm and bright as we hope, spring is still technically here, and our clothing can channel the high hopes we have for the start of the season. New York Fashion Week (NYFW) proved that this spring should be full of bright colors, so we can switch our dark winter attire to fresh and bright colors for this season. We can take cues from the runway, as it was filled with bright colors and fun patterns. 

Millennial pink has been trending everywhere – clothes, accessories and even furniture. It’s time for it to move over, though, as deeper, more mature magenta flooded the NYFW runways last month. This bright, purple-toned pink is one of the hottest colors for spring, and it’s easy to understand why: it’s bold, but easily wearable. Seen all over the runway, models were sporting the color in every way possible. From tailored magenta suits to mini dresses, the range of this color was endless. Wearing magenta this spring seems to be a full outfit thing, so putting on a bright romper on the next sunny day or doing a monochromatic look with a simple shirt and pants are great ways to wear this trend. If you don’t want to be as bold with the color, wearing a dress with magenta stitching or accents is a subtle, yet fashionable way of getting the color into your wardrobe. 

With Pantone announcing that the color of the year is ultra violet, it’s no surprise that purple was also big this fashion week. Various shades of purple were used, ranging from soft lavenders to deep purples. While purple may not be at the very top of our list of most wearable colors, the runway proves that it definitely is something that we could incorporate into our everyday wardrobes. Accessorizing with purple is a super easy way to wear the color, such as putting on a bright purple clutch for the next night out or wearing a purple statement necklace. Since the weather is still chilly, putting on purple tights under a simple dress or skirt can really make a statement. Getting one staple, such as a pencil skirt or ankle boots, in this color is an easy way to mix-and-match this trend with items that we may already have. 

Solid colors aren’t the only things trending right now, with animal print and plaid popping up everywhere on the streets and in the stores. Animal print, especially leopard, is a classic, staple print. This season, leopard is emerging as one of the most versatile and popular prints for clothing and accessories. A common way that leopard was used during NYFW was on jackets. We may not be wearing thick puffer coats in the spring anymore, but wearing an animal print moto jacket or a cheetah print duster is perfect for spring. With these jackets, we can throw them on top of otherwise basic outfits, making them great investments for our everyday wardrobes. Along with animal print, plaid is also a reigning style. Whether it be plaid blazers or checkered pants, the ways to wear it are endless. The great thing about plaid is the versatility of colors that it can come in, incorporating the bright color trend into this print. We can channel our inner Cher by wearing the iconic yellow and black plaid, or keep it classic with blacks, whites and grays. Mixing and matching plaid was seen on the runway, something that we can do as well. Many of us have a plaid shirt laying around in our closet, so an easy way to incorporate it in our spring wardrobe is to just throw it over a simple, monochromatic look. This adds in the plaid trend without having to put in too much effort. 

We’ve seen celebrities on social media rock translucent shoes, but we can take the clear, see-through trend to a new level. And it isn’t limited to shoes anymore: Runways have shown the vast ways that clear materials, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), can be made into clothing. Clear pants may not be the first thing we would want to wear, which is completely understandable. Choosing the right items for this trend can add some more personality in an outfit. Spring is known for its rainy days, and a clear rain coat can be a great choice. Why cover up our bright, spring outfits with a boring raincoat when we could protect ourselves from the rain and show our outfits? The bright colors can stand out even on a gloomy day. Clear bags have always been around, and now is the perfect time to get one since it is trending. Many of us use backpacks to carry around our things to class, so a clear backpack could be a functional way to incorporate this trend. Clear backpacks can come in a bunch of different colors, or even be holographic. 

Days filled with sunshine are close by, so we should be ready to match the weather with our clothing! Spring is known for colorful clothing, and this year is no different. It has been a long winter, and we can celebrate the end by a little change in our wardrobe. 

Leona Juan

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