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Visual artists to follow for aesthetically pleasing timeline

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When the average joe posts on Instagram, the stakes aren’t that high. You’ll get some likes, maybe a nice comment or two, and that’ll be that. For visual artists, the photo-sharing platform can be crucial to letting the world see their work. Exposure gained off of Instagram has turned artists from part-time to full-time movers and shakers in their fields, and luckily the relationship is mutually beneficial. 

One of the best ways to have a beautiful IG timeline is to follow people who create beautiful art. If you need some prime examples, here are five visual artists, ranging from professional to student, who have feeds to fawn over.

  1. Tyler Mitchell (@tylersphotos) — Tyler Mitchell is a filmmaker and photographer based in New York. A graduate of New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, Mitchell has dived into the professional world shooting ad campaign videos, magazine covers and much more. Some clients include Ray-Ban, Marc Jacobs, Vogue and The FADER. He’s shot people like Lil Uzi Vert and Spike Lee, while also doing music videos for acts like BROCKHAMPTON. On Instagram, Mitchell posts plenty of past work, and his feed features intensely free subjects, always unhindered and fully themselves.
  2. Nemi (@nemiepeba) — A sociologist/artist from Norway, Nemi’s Instagram is more of a curatorial example of how to use the app. While she is an artist in her own right (crafting collages), she often posts the work of artists before her, in any context she sees fit. Traditional Japanese art is positioned next to Arthur Jafa’s work, and if you scroll down a little farther you’ll see old clips of Aretha Franklin performing. Nemi’s scope and taste is interdisciplinary and that’s what sets her feed apart from others. Art of all shapes and styles are placed into a “museum” of sorts that would be unfathomable to view in a physical space, an added benefit of the digital format where Nemi thrives. 
  3. Gunner Stahl (@gunnerstahl.us) — A true example of cornering a market, Gunner Stahl is the go-to photographer for hip-hop artists. In fact, having a Stahl portrait is basically a sign that an artist has “made it.” What sets his work apart from others is that he shoots on 35 millimeter film with older cameras like the Nikon L35AF, which was introduced in 1983. He posts a good portion of his work on IG, but has hosted galleries and made a zine out of his work. His portraits often capture musicians in intimate settings, while they’re relaxed. For instance, one of his more famous shots is of Lana Del Rey playing with a fidget spinner, not exactly an organized shoot. Other famous figures on his long list of clients include Chance the Rapper, Mac DeMarco, Tony Hawk, The Weeknd, Kylie Jenner and many, MANY more.
  4. Micayla Garza (@micaylagarza) — As a student at the University of Texas at Austin School of Architecture, Garza may not initially fit the profile of an IG artist. But, after taking one look at her feed, it’s clear to see that she’s a worthy inclusion on this list. Garza posts her sketches, pieces of architecture and striking photographs. Her drawings are often of faces in various expressions. Some are weary yet resolved, while some seem more desolate. Garza places huge emphasis around eyes, and they often seem to be the focal point of her work. Intensely human yet still surreal, it’s not hard to get lost in the eyes of her artwork.
  5. Corey Washington (@coreywash) — Born in Baltimore and based in L.A., Corey Washington is a young artist who’s self taught. She’s also plied her trade as a model, but she describes herself in her IG bio pretty clearly: “I draw stuff and go on adventures.” Her work usually features a recurring character traveling through life and all the weird things that entails. The character she’s created does many things including hangs out with friends, checks its ego and goes to work. It may sound mundane, but Washington’s work is set against bright vivid backdrops, and something about the drawings feel familiar. Whether it’s her take on trying to survive in this day and age, or something more abstract, Corey Washington is a colorful and surprisingly thought-provoking addition to your feed.

As a platform based around visual media, there are many more top-notch artists on Instagram. Take some time to check out how the art world has reacted and aligned with social media. What you’ll find is sure to surprise you. 

Jordan Levy

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