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Funny podcasts that offer comedic therapy

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Podcasts are a growing field of entertainment, with topics ranging from politics to cooking to entrepreneurship and music. For those who like to laugh, there’s an incredibly diverse amount of  podcasts to check out. If you want a little more humor in your day, here are some options to get you started with comedy podcasts.  

Anna Faris Is Unqualified 

Anna Faris has carved a special place in the mind of millennials for her recurring role of Cindy Campbell in the Scary Movie films. However, her roles don’t really seem to qualify her to give advice and she seems to agree. Unqualified is a freeform advice podcast that’s completely self-aware about the fact that Faris may be the last person who should deal said advice. Complete with guests like Jimmy Kimmel and Aubrey Plaza, Faris haphazardly attempts to help people with problems that they should really ask someone else about. Hilarity ensues.

The Read 

Kid Fury and Crissle are ruthless comedians and podcasters. The duo run through anything on their pop culture radar for that week and incisively cut into anyone. If you’re looking for a hilarious gossip column, they will fulfill all your needs. Weekly listener letters raise questions about race, relationships, love and more. The pair idolize the worlds of TV and film and they’ll pull out a "Golden Girls" reference to help describe just about any situation. The eponymous main segment is the two finding someone or something to “read," which usually results in enraged (yet hysterical) rants. Kid Fury and Crissle are the vibrant sources of humor needed to digest all of the mess of pop culture

Hannibal Buress: Handsome Rambler 

Comedian/actor extraordinaire Hannibal Buress is known for his nonchalant insights. That spirit spreads to his podcast "Handsome Rambler." The name is accurate as the show is incredibly freeform, with Burress and his guests going on stream-of-consciousness rants about just about anything. The episodes range from incredibly energetic to lethargic, but they’re all incredibly unique. One strange perk of the program is Buress’s sporadic habit of breaking into song. It’s as off-kilter as his approach, but great guests like Tom Segura and Vic Mensa help Buress create one of a kind episodes.   


ItsTheReal is a hybrid podcast, melding the worlds of comedy and Hip-Hop. Comedian brothers Eric and Jeff Rosenthal invite various guests from the world of rap and engage in casual, very funny interviews. Mac Miller, Jerrod Carmichael, and Flatbush Zombies are just a few of the guests from the show. The best aspect of the show is that they don’t only interview rappers. The Rosenthal Brothers talk to music executives, engineers, journalists, A&Rs and basically anyone connected to the music industry.

The Champs with Neal Brennan + Moshe Kasher 

 Although this podcast ended, Chappelle Show co-creator Neal Brennan and comedian Moshe Kasher ran “The Champs” from 2011 to 2016. With the goal of discussing “stupid things in a stupid way," the comedians gathered a legendary group of guests, truly an all-star lineup. Arsenio Hall, Chris Rock, Charlie Murphy, Jordan Peele and more are just some of the many guests. While in its prime, “The Champs” was a place for all the funniest people to go and crack jokes. The podcast was a breeding ground for laughs, one that shouldn’t be missed.

There are tons of great comedy podcasts to hear for yourself, so if these don’t catch your ear don’t give up. There's a show out there for everyone, ready to crack you up. 

Jordan Levy

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