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WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts | April 13, 2018



This year, 11 members of the Rutgers student body and community have died. On Wednesday, the University — specifically the Division of Student Affairs — held a service in remembrance of these losses to our community. Sponsored in part by The Alliance to Advance Interfaith Collaboration, the memoriam included prayers and discussion. Despite the sorrow that comes along with losing valued fellow students, the service showed that when we all come together we can help each other heal. We laurel the University and The Alliance to Advance Interfaith Collaboration for hosting this event in honor of our classmates who passed away far too early. 


On Tuesday, the Rutgers University Police Department sent out an email informing the community of an incident that occurred involving a student getting robbed. The student told police that he was approached by a vehicle and was asked by the driver, who had a handgun on his lap, for gas money. The student ended up entering the vehicle and being driven to a bank to withdraw money. The next day, though, RUPD released another email stating that the original account of the incident was unfounded and did not unfold as originally described. This crime alert likely put many members of the community on edge, and we dart the fact that although the incident did not result in something more serious, it easily could have. 


School can obviously be rather stressful, especially during exams. Thanks to the Wellness On The Go program, Rutgers students can get help with de-stressing. The service offers massages, yoga classes and henna tattoos, which can all at least help some students get their minds off of the bustling outside world for a short while. Wellness On The Go promotes student health, the importance of which is becoming more and more apparent to us. We laurel these services for caring about and helping improve the mental and physical well-being of our student body. 


On Tuesday and Wednesday, joint senate hearings were held to question Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg about things relating to the recent scandal with Cambridge Analytica. Cambridge Analytica, a company that utilizes data profiles to help businesses and politicians run more effective campaigns, acquired approximately 87 million Facebook users’ information and likely used it to earn a profit. The power of being able to play on the hopes and fears of an electorate rather than appeal to their reason seemingly undermines the legitimacy of campaigns and elections in the first place. We dart the exploitation of prejudices that politicians can use to win elections without genuine arguments and goals. 


Rutgers researchers have created the first integrated glider platform and sensor system that has the ability to sample water pH levels. The glider is an underwater vehicle that tests water acidity throughout the ocean’s depths. Professor Grace Saba of the Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences is using this new technology to help us better understand, map out and monitor our global coastal ocean acidification. Not only is this research important, but it is just another example of the impact that Rutgers can have on the world. We laurel Saba and the Department of Marine and Coastal Sciences for their achievements. 


Despite the way it may look for a non-student or Rutgers community member, the bus system has been a continuously hot issue on campus. Students have numerous complaints about the buses and their inconveniences and inefficiencies. The University is working on solutions to these problems, but the fixes are nowhere near as simple as they may seem on the face. While the University works on possible solutions, the student body can as well. With that said, we dart  the culmination of factors that has led the bus system into the heated issue it has become. 


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