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Rutgers joins the Sweet 16, 1 step closer to Cardi B

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Rutgers will advance to the next round of the Tinder SwipeOff. Sixteen schools will compete to have the most right swipes until April 17 when a winner will be announced. 

Fifteen schools separate Rutgers from a personal concert with Belcalis Almanzar, better known as Cardi B.

Earlier this week The Daily Targum reported that the University was among the Top 32 colleges in the country enrolled in a Tinder Swipe Off competition that promises the winner a concert from the prolific rapper. 

The competition has since boiled down the top 16 schools with Rutgers in the mix, according to Tinder's Instagram.  

Thomas Johnathan, a School of Arts and Sciences senior, said he first heard about the contest through Almanzar’s Instagram page and thought to himself, “it would be so dope to have an artist like Cardi B come to Rutgers.”

Johnathan started sharing the link with all the Rutgers-related Group Me chats he is apart of.  

“The word spread quick like wildfire and began a competition. Everyone was really starting to swipe right and record themselves doing so just for Cardi B. I feel as though all students should be apart of this Tinder challenge because when would we ever be able to say we got Cardi B to come to our school just by swiping right on Tinder,” he said. 

Johnathan commented on the size of the University and said that he feels its students are capable of winning the challenge if everyone participates. In trying to think of ways to push students to the number 1 spot, he said he debated standing on College Avenue with signs and his speaker blasting Almanzar’s music. 

“Like most people I am very competitive and would love for our school to win this challenge. Rutgers Residence Halls should jump on board by emailing students, and getting the word out within the halls because that will be reaching majority of the University as a whole,” he said. 

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