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Quench your thirst the healthy way with infused water recipes

Hydration is essential to survival and the healthiest way to keep your body going is to guzzle water. Fruit juices, energy drinks and vitamin waters can be tempting, but they are loaded with unnecessary sugar. Although plain water can be refreshing when you are parched, it can get bland when you are reaching for 64 ounces of it each day. Luckily this little problem can be remedied by infusing your water with fruits, crystals and more.

Squeeze lemon and raspberry to create infused water

When life gives you lemons, put them in your water. Why? Because like sugary lemonade on a hot day and amazing Beyonce albums, lemons are also a great addition to otherwise plain H2O. The benefits reach far beyond the zest. With a few nice squeezes of lemon in your water, you can help balance your pH, detox your body and cleanse your liver of toxins (ahem, college students), enhance your iron and get a good, all-natural dose of Vitamin C.

While it is common to add a few squeezes (or for more fun and color, slices) of lemon to your water, rev it up with raspberries. The sweet, little fruits make for more than a delicious treat at the bottom of your glass. They will save you from the sniffles as they boost your immunity, they are packed with Vitamin C, they boost vision acuity and keep your skin supple. So double up on the health benefits by enhancing your water with this summery, vibrant duo: lemons and raspberries. Try out this recipe, as found on Shape.com.

2 cups organic raspberries
8 cups spring or filtered water
1 large organic lemon, cut into half-inch slices
2 dried medjool dates
1 gallon clean glass jar with lid


  1. Place raspberries into the bottom of your jar, add the dates, then layer the lemon slices on top, pour water into jar and place lid on top.
  2. Place water into the refrigerator and let infuse for one hour. 

Cucumbers and lavender steeped water

Cucumbers are more than cool, they are a super-vegetable. They are heart-healthy and hydrating. Plus they host anti-aging and breath freshening benefits, which is honestly everything you could have ever wanted from a vegetable and more. So if you are not down to get your crunch on, they are perfect to place in your water. Add the intoxicating smell and health benefits of lavender, and you can reduce stress, aid your sleep and help your digestion.

1 cucumber, thinly sliced
1 teaspoon dried culinary lavender, or 2 fresh lavender sprigs
2 quarts filtered or spring water


  1. Add the cucumbers and lavender to a 64-ounce mason jar or pitcher. 
  2. Add the filtered water, if using dried lavender, strain before serving. 
  3. Refrigerate until cold. 
  4. Enjoy!

Crystal-infused water

When you think about infusing your water, this may not be your first idea. But if you are into crystals, reiki-charged, crystal-infused water is the one for you. It is a simple recipe, too. All you need to do is soak a safe crystal in cold water for three days, then place the crystal in a pitcher of water overnight. 

All crystals have different benefits. So, to enhance your self-love, use a rose quartz. And so on. 

As for more ideas, the fruit options are endless. You can freeze clementine slices to make your water citrusy and cool, or you can just slice up your favorite fruit, pop it in the water and refrigerate. You can add mint leaves and minerals, too. No matter what your tastes dictate, your creation is bound to taste better than a glass of water.

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