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Show off creativity, school spirit with DIY game day looks


For many students at a Big Ten school like Rutgers, game day is one of the most exciting times of fall semester. Often found relentlessly cheering for the Scarlet Knights, Rutgers students are certainly prideful, and festive game day outfits are another popular way fans are showing off their spirit. The era of just painting your face and throwing on a Rutgers T-shirt is long gone, and game day fashion has become something fueled by creativity: There is a lot of cutting, gluing and "making it work" going on. The season has just started, so there is plenty of time to put your own twist on these tailgate trends. 

Crop tops

This is definitely the easiest trend to get behind for game day. If you are not the type to put in too much effort into your clothes, but also do not want to throw on a plain T-shirt, cropping a classic Rutgers T-shirt is the way to go. Whether that means cutting the shirt in half or just simply knotting it, this is a cute way of making a basic T-shirt more fashionable. These cropped shirts pair great with almost any bottom you may have. Denim skirts, jeans or leggings make a super easy and cute outfit. If you are feeling more on the creative side, check out YouTube tutorials on how to fray, braid or even iron on decals to your otherwise basic red Tee. 

Halter & Tube tops

Reconstructing T-shirts into halter tops is an easy alteration, with no sewing involved. There are different variations of how people wear these tops, but it seems that the most popular way is people tying the back to make these shirts more form fitting. For a DIY halter top, cut the sleeves off and cut the back of the crew neck in half so it is easy to tie around the neck. For a strapless tube top, cut the top and bottoms of the shirt to the point where it will show your desired level of skin, cut the remaining fabric in the back and tie. Easy to design and customize, these tops are a game day no-brainer. 


Oversized T-shirts reimagined as dresses were all over Instagram feeds this passed game day. Oversized T-shirts cut into strapless and tank top dresses were the most popular. Turning the T-shirt into a dress is similar to creating the halter top mentioned before, which involves tying the back to make it secure and form fitting. This is a great option for those that do not know what to do with their super big T-shirts or want to take the no pants look more literally on warmer days. These T-shirt dresses pair great with sneakers, making the look both fashionable and practical. 

Cheerleading skirts

Now that we've covered tops, a different way to change up our bottoms are cheerleading skirts. Cheerleading skirts give a retro, varsity vibe and are an option that will ensure you will stand out in a crowd. The best part about the cheerleading skirt is that they are super festive and on-theme, but they are really easy to pair with anything. These skirts go well with tube tops, crop tops or anything else you have in your closet. 

Lace-up shirts

T-shirts cut into a deep V-neck that have a lace looping through the front are super cute and a fun DIY project. These shirts might be the most difficult to create, but they are definitely worth the effort. Because they're detailed and stylish, lace-up tee's can be worn outside of High Point Solutions stadium as well. There are tons of DIY videos on how to make these, and with a quick search on Instagram, you can find someone that creates these awesome shirts. Lace-up shirts have been extremely popular, and it is easy to understand why. You can easily turn any type of shirt into a lace-up, whether it be a T-shirt dress or a tank top. A different twist on this trend is instead of lacing up the front, the sides of the shirt are laced up instead. 

If you are not very crafty or have a shirt that you really want but do not know how to create, a Rutgers student has an Instagram page selling game day attire. School of Arts and Sciences junior Stephanie Dresher (@snippedbysteph) creates customized game day clothing — everything from flannel button downs to customized bandeaus — for different universities. If you are heading over to Ohio State this weekend, you can find something for that on her page. There is something for everybody, and it is a great way to support a local Rutgers student. Let’s bring in this new football season with lots of fun, great fashion and maybe even some wins. 

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