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For fall, wear white well after Labor Day

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We have all heard a bunch of rules when it comes to dressing well: no white socks with dress pants, no visible bra straps ... you get the idea.  Luckily, we now live in an era where fashion is less about following the status quo, and more about people feeling comfortable expressing their own style. For example, today’s trends have proven that it is completely acceptable to mix patterns and wear horizontal stripes, even if you have a bigger chest. Still, wearing white after Labor Day seems to be up for debate, with fashionistas starting to prove that it is not such a fashion faux pas as it once was. This outdated rule does not have to restrict us from wearing our favorite white jeans all year-round. It did not stop Coco Chanel from making white a staple color all year in the 1920s, so keep your most-loved white pieces in your rotation.

How did this rule even come about? There does not seem to be just one set reason as to why people have been told to not wear white after Labor Day, but one of the apparent main reasons is for practicality.  White garments are typically made of a cooler, more comfortable fabric (ever sweltered in the heat after wearing a black shirt?), and are traditionally meant for warmer months. This dates back to when air conditioners weren't a thing, so it made sense to change your clothing colors based on the temperatures. Since Labor Day represents the end of summer, many people put away their white clothes in exchange for clothing meant for the upcoming cooler months. Although this rule has been around for so long, people are constantly questioning whether they should follow it. People are either a "white after Labor Day" person or they stick to the rule. Because of all of the fashion-forward, winter-white trends that have been popping up on runways for the last couple of seasons, and fwearing the hue after Labor Day is more acceptable and appealing than ever.

Now that we can wear white all year without having to worry about getting weird looks for dressing inappropriately for the season, we should figure out what to add into our closet or how to style some items that we may already have. White booties are so trendy and serve as a perfect way to wear white when it is not warm out anymore. Rocking ankle-length white booties with a midi skirt is a great way to transition into cooler weather. Throwing on a pair of chunky-heeled, 60s-inspired white booties with light wash jeans is versatile for any season. Booties are a great closet staple because they pair easily with anything, and can be worn in different climates.

White jeans are a classic, and they do not have to be at the bottom of your closet once summer ends. Many of us save our white jeans in the summer, pairing it with solid tank tops or an off-the-shoulder top. Mixing white jeans with other denim, such as a dark denim jacket, can make it easy to wear for fall. Add a cozy plaid button-down and you are ready to pick some pumpkins. For the winter, white jeans go great with oversized turtlenecks and leather jackets. They also pair well with neutral colors for the winter, such as grays and navy. This makes these summer-y pants perfect for ice skating and holiday shopping. 

While this fashion rule is very outdated, 90s fashion trends are here to stay. The fuzzy sweaters are still super cute and trendy, and white ones are making their way into our closets. We can take cues from our favorite 90s movies (can we just acknowledge how iconic the outfits in "Clueless" were?) and apply it all year. The short-sleeved fuzzy sweater can go really well with a fitted skirt, taking a more warmer approach. Swap out the skirt for a pair of boyfriend jeans and you have a great outfit for when the weather is a little cooler. For when the temperatures drop, a regular fuzzy sweater is so versatile. Layer it on top of a bodycon dress with some tights or pair it with your favorite trousers and combat boots. 

Wearing white after Labor Day has always been in question. It just doesn’t make sense anymore to follow such an old rule. Style has evolved, and so have the rules. It seems that fashion is moving away from rules in general, giving everyone the freedom to wear what they want in whichever season they want. With us being a week past Labor Day, hopefully you will still put your white clothing to use as we begin to shift into cooler weather. 

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