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Invest in trendy, but re-wearable statement pieces for fall

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Apple picking and pumpkin spiced lattes are great, but one of the best things about fall is the fashion: cozy sweaters, leather boots and oversized flannels. These are some staples that are most likely in all of our closets, but while these are essentials, some statement pieces should make their way into our closets to add a little more life to our outfits. Why spend money on a piece that will only look good with one outfit? Statement pieces may seem really tricky, but they can go beyond fall and become a piece you love to pair with all your essentials in any season. 

Sweater dresses

Sweaters are all that we live in during the fall, so take it up a notch and get yourself a sweater dress. These comfortable and warm dresses are such an easy way to wear a dress in the cool months without freezing. The versatility in sweater dresses is endless, with so many styles available to us. There are turtleneck, bodycon, fisherman and so many other dress options. And one of the best things about wearing a dress is that you don’t have to worry about matching it with pants. Take a cue from Ariana Grande and pair a sweater dress with over-the-knee boots to turn a casual look effortlessly chic. If high boots aren’t your thing, a pair of sneakers can make a look more casual and practical when it’s warm enough, or put on a pair of tights and boots for when it’s too cold to be bare-legged. 

Leather dresses

A lot edgier than the sweater dress is the leather dress. Taking it back to 90s grunge, you can be a little gritty, a little risqué or a little bit of both. They seem a bit scary at first, but you can easily wear it to class or going out with your friends. A leather mini dress can be practical for the fall by layering a long sleeve or t-shirt under it. A leather bodycon dress can be dressed down by putting a chunky sweater on top and easily convert into a club dress for later on in the night. Layering with these dresses makes them super easy to wear in any weather. 

Print pants

The cold weather might make you want to live in leggings and sweats every day, and jeans are the easiest go-to with every outfit. While nothing can ever replace denim, printed pants are super trendy and surprisingly versatile. Printed pants were super popular in the summer, such as wide-leg pants with fun colors and stripes. Those wide-leg pants can be worn in the fall too, paired with sock booties. Stripes are really easy to pair with things you already have in your closet because of the different colors on the pants. A neutral-toned cashmere sweater or a fitted turtleneck tucked into the pants is a great outfit to wear to a fall outing. Polka dot culottes with a pair of mules is a simple way to make a professional and whimsical look that can also be worn in a casual setting. 

Mini bags

A statement piece sounds like something big and flashy, so a mini bag might be the last thing on your mind. Since bags are made to hold your things and be practical, a mini bag classifies as a statement piece because it mostly is just for show. These tiny bags that are commonly seen carried by celebrities make a statement, even in its tiny packaging. They’re a subtle accessory that can elevate an outfit. Mini backpacks have been popular and can be worn with any look since they’re easy to work with. Tiny handbags or clutches go great when going out and a quick look to pair with a bag can be distressed mom jeans, chunky boots and a cropped sweater. It’ll fit your phone, keys, card and lipstick in it, but that’s all you need, right? 

Fall is arguably the best season in terms of weather, activities and fashion. While a cozy sweater is obviously a great choice for the cool weather, we can change it up and throw on a statement piece instead. We can easily make a statement without having to limit ourselves to just one outfit. It’s time to spice things up this fall. 

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