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BOZTEPE: Law of Attraction can better people’s lives

Opinions Column: Kaanotations


The Law of Attraction is a philosophy built on turning positive thoughts into actuality. The concept of accepting how life is, realizing just how special the universe is and focusing on positive thoughts and goals without doubt. Practicing the Law of Attraction has no age, has no religious or cultural belief. The energy within someone has the power to pull things that they want from this universe into reality. There might be those scuffing at the idea of the Law of Attraction, but those same people make lists of their goals and normally believe in karma. The concepts of the Law of Attraction are actually quite simple in theory, but the human mind can sometimes be immune to positivity as being negative is always the easy way out.

While the brain powers the entire body, it does not always do or think what is best for you. The human brain wants to protect you, but in doing so it can put negative thoughts in your mind to protect you. Many people are blind to the amount of potential they truly have. Aside from physical characteristics and wealth or lack of, most people are very similar. I do not believe that someone has a set potential, but that people work toward the potential they believe they have. The issue with that is people put constraints on themselves and normally undervalue, sometimes over, their capabilities. Many people do not check to see why they feel as they do, they just assume that is just life. 

Negativity also plays a huge role in not achieving the success of the Law of Attraction. Impatience is the key factor to why the Law of Attraction does not work for everyone. Most people will try to be positive in hopes to use the Law of Attraction and attract the positive things they want in life, but then something bad happens. Whether that person loses their job and says something such as, “just my luck” or “could this get any worse?,” they are pulling negative energy toward them and inviting more negative outcomes to occur in their lives. Maybe the loss in that job is going to bring a better job with better pay, maybe you were going to be fired in a time where you needed more money than you do now, maybe you were going to get into a car accident on your way to your job and were saved from it because you lost your job. 

The Law of Attraction is not as simple as it sounds, because people generally do not like to be wrong. There is a certain responsibility with being wrong, a responsibility most people do not want to accept. People would rather blame others in their life, their health, their lack of intelligence and anything else of the sort. All these things are extremely negative, and your brain believes them to be true. Your brain does not have common sense, your brain does not know that you are saying these things to cope with shortcomings or not admitting you are wrong, your brain is sadly not as advanced as you might think. 

The universe is always on your side, if you allow it to be. Life is a blank canvas ready to be painted with all the possibilities that are humanely possible. Let me put this in simpler terms — if you received a failing grade on exam, you cannot change it unless your professor deems it worthy of change. You then have two options, you can either sulk and blame the teachings of the professor and the lack of teaching or you can still deem the teachers teaching not at the quality you would like, but you can stay for after hours and learn your lesson from what questions you got wrong and fix it for next time. 

The Law of Attraction is very similar to how people view self-care. The range of benefits are endless and include mental, spiritual and physical health. Now, people might then state, “but if I say I’m okay, not upset or mad, then I’m lying." I understand where that person is coming from, but the key thing to take out from this is that these are not lies, they are different ways of interpreting what happens to you. It takes 21 days to make a habit, but you have to be consistent and not break the 21 days, the same goes with being positive. Do not allow yourself to say “I hate that," “why does this always happen to me" or “how come this doesn’t happen to anyone else." These phrases are essentially you asking for the universe to give you more of what you hate and do not want, because instead of thanking the universe for positives out of even the most difficult situations, you focus on negatives and disregard small victories. Let the universe work for you — life is short — it is your choice whether you would rather be happy in this miracle we call life, or upset. 

Kaan Jon Boztepe is a School of Arts and Sciences junior double majoring in philosophy and history. His column, "Kaanotations," runs on alternate Wednesdays.  


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Kaan Jon Boztepe

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