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WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts | November 2, 2018



Rutgers has begun the process of filling the Student Charter Trustee seat, taking an important step in including student voice in Board of Trustees deliberation. As student organizations continue to protest the Board of Trustee meetings, the student selected will have an increasingly crucial role. The Nomination Committee is now taking nominations. While some argue student perspective ought to be incorporated more in the administrative process, we laurel the continued commitment to including a degree of student voice.


In a recent interview, President Donald J. Trump stated that he is thinking seriously about utilizing an executive order to overturn birthright citizenship, which the 14th Amendment guarantees to all children born in a United States territory. The backdrop of this statement is a rather harsh two years of public discourse around Trump’s attack on undocumented immigrants. We dart the idea of an executive order to halt to birthright citizenship, as it seems blatantly contrary to American values. 


The Rutgers Environmental Stewards Program offered through the Rutgers Cooperative Extension has trained approximately 600 volunteers since 2005, according to The Daily Targum. While the program ought to find a way to lower its cost, the opportunity it offers is applaudable. At a time when environmental issues are mounting at an intimidating rate, this program takes important steps to providing the tools necessary to address the problems. We laurel Rutgers Environmental Stewards Program for providing an intersection of formal and informal education.


As a result of a leaked White House memo, it has become apparent that the Department of Health and Human Services may be seeking to narrow the definition of the term “sex” to mean, “a person’s status as male or female based on immutable biological traits identifiable by or before birth.” This new definition may very well conflate gender identity with technical biological sex, and have undesirable legal implications for the transgender community. We dart this proposed definition, as it could result in a retroactive effect on the progress made for transgender and gender non-conforming people. 


Rutgers has received a $2 million funding grant to conduct research on gun violence funded through the Center for Gun Violence Research awarded by the State of New Jersey. In 1996, Congress leveraged their power of the purse and threatened the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to stop funding research into firearm injuries and death or their funding will be stripped. Since 1996, the federal government and its agencies refused to commit resources to research. We laurel  the $2 million grant for gun violence research as a necessary step in better understanding an issue that plagues our nation. 


Last Wednesday, a white man murdered two Black people in Kentucky after attempting and failing to gain entrance to a Black church nearby, where he would have presumably murdered multiple more people. On Saturday, 11 Jewish people were killed after a person opened fire on them in their own synagogue. And all through last week, a man was attempting to use the mail to deliver bombs to prominent Democrats. Unfortunately, this sort of violence is nothing new or even surprising in contemporary America. We dart the continuous tendency toward violence like this in the United States. 


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