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Rutgers helps register student voters through Ballot Bowl

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The first ever Ballot Bowl was a competition between the state's colleges and universities to register the most student voters for the upcoming midterm elections. Winners were announced at the College Avenue Student Center on Tuesday.

The first Ballot Bowl was held at Rutgers University on Tuesday, a competition to register the most voters before the midterm elections, according to

The program was started by New Jersey Secretary of State Tahesha Way. Way and New York Giants safety Michael Thomas presented trophies in the Multipurpose Room at the College Avenue Student Center. 

“One more voter to help in our ongoing experiment in American democracy is so very much necessary in this inflection point in our history,” Way said.

The competition was between the state’s colleges and universities, separating them into three divisions, according to the article. The first division is comprised of schools with student populations of approximately 5,000, the second between 5,000 and 40,000 and the third with 40,000 or more. 

Monmouth University won for schools comprising of 5,000 students with 350 students registered, according to the article. Montclair State University won the 5,000 to 40,000 division, and Rutgers—Newark won for schools of 40,000 students with approximately 1,000 students registered. 

The Center for Youth Political Participation at Rutgers Eagleton Institute of Politics and student-run organizations worked to increase voter turnout on campus for the upcoming election. 

With the midterms less than a week away, organizations across the state have shifted their efforts to make sure students get to the polls, according to the article. 

“We must continue to engage, to know our issues, to recognize our polling places on Nov. 6, to show up, to have our voice matter through the ballot box," Way said. 

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