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Rutgers career services provides advice, insight for students' resumes

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University Career Services is a free service that all Rutgers students can use, and helps to connect them to employers in fields they want to pursue, as well as offers aid in improving their resumes.

University Career Services provides insight on resume building and what employers look for on the resumes of college graduates. 

University Career Services, a free service accessible to all Rutgers students, offers assistance in the transition from students’ academic careers to professional careers. They help connect students to employers in their desired fields, as well as offer aid in optimizing students' resumes. 

“​This past semester we have engaged with 63 percent of the student body,” said William Jones, senior director of University Career Services. Through many different outlets, they connect with students to give them the best possible chance in the professional world once they graduate. They have insight on what exactly students should be putting on their resume.  

Many employers look for different things from their candidates' resumes. It is vital that candidates tailor their resumes to each specific job opportunity, Jones said. Instead of sending one resume to multiple job openings, it is better to specialize your resume based on the position you are applying for.  

There are also some outdated resume tips that students should become aware of. Personal information, such as your address, is no longer important to have on your resume.  

When it comes to the objectives section, University Career Services has a distinct tip on handling what information you provide.  

“It is not necessary for this day in age to state your objectives, but if you are set on an organization and see they are attending the career fair, you can have a copy of your resume with objectives specific to that organization to hand to the recruiter,” Jones said.  

If you know the exact organization you are interested in leading up to events such as the career fair, it is best that you focus these objectives for that specific organization.  

In the end, resumes and job opportunities for college graduates have changed over time, and that is something to take note of.  

“Most employer organizations have online portals that utilize scanning devices to review resumes for keywords,” Jones said. “For creative fields, resumes have expanded into online portfolios to showcase different skillsets. With the ever-changing way in which employers are seeking out the optimal candidate, it is best to be aware of these changes in order to have the best chance in the job market."

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