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Spring Style: Bench your winter coat for coach jackets

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Though the harsh winds of winter are still among us, spring has in fact begun. With spring comes an array of colorful flowers, clear blue skies and warmer weather, giving students an incentive to break out of their winter wardrobes and embrace lighter garments suited for breezy temperatures. 

An example of such a garment is the coach jacket. The coach jacket is an article of clothing usually worn over basic t-shirts, and perhaps a pair of skin-tight jeans. Popularized during the late 1980's and early 90's, the coach jacket earned its name through sports coaches themselves. In fact, the jacket and overall style emulate outfits worn by American coaches. 

Its lightweight material, denim-jacket form and snap-up front buttons have created quite the stir in terms of street style. Additionally, what gives the jacket more versatility is the fact that it caters to both men and women. Recently, sportswear has once again emerged in the fashion industry as a trend. Coach jackets allow men and women to follow trends, while keeping abreast with the changing of the seasons. 

For women in particular, the coach jacket is best paired with a solid colored t-shirt complete with skinny pants. I advise that women wear a simple t-shirt as opposed to one that is printed, as the jacket may conceal most of what is underneath. I would also recommend that women wear either form-fitting jeans or leggings, as the jacket itself has an oversized fit. This way, the contrast in sizing for each of the garments can compliment different aspects of their figures. 

To top off the look, go for a pair of chunky sneakers, otherwise known as “dad” shoes, which is another item that has been trending in athletic-wear. Finally, while the 90's have made a comeback, it wouldn’t hurt to accessorize the ensemble with some big silver hoop earrings. 

As for men, and similar to the women, the coach jacket can be worn with an ordinary t-shirt. I would also suggest that men experiment with layering. Specifically, the coach jacket could be worn over a hoodie. On a slightly windy day, this outfit would not only be essential but also fashion-forward. Some bottoms that pair with the jacket are jeans, cargo pants or even utility trousers, which can all create a great look. 

These options would contribute to the “athletic” factor behind the jacket. The shoe that best compliments the outfit are sneakers. For men, I would recommend high-tops, as they bring a form of flattery paired with slim pants. 

This trendy new spring staple is not a recent discovery. In fact, it dates back to the high school “jock” look we would see in the halls on the way to class. A jacket many of us we had wished to wear, yet didn’t make the varsity cut or didn’t possess the athletic skills to ever reach that standard. But thanks to the evolving fashion industry, anyone is welcome to pull off the coach jacket. 

This particular garment has gone as far as to hit the runways. Throughout New York Fashion Week this past year, men and women were seen exhibiting the different styles they can make with coach jackets on the streets of the city. Designers have grown to acknowledge the trend and have created custom coach jackets of their own to adhere to the current market. 

Some brands include Todd Snyder, Acne Studios, Commes des Garçons and more. Though these jackets are outlandishly expensive — ranging from $300-$700 — they have become quite the hit in high fashion. As students, I’m sure most of us have a rather smaller budget, in which case I would recommend finding these jackets in retail stores including Forever 21, Hollister and Abercrombie & Fitch, in addition to many others. 

Maliha Khan

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