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March Munchies Voting

March Munchies is a single-elimination tournament between 32 restaurants in the Rutgers/New Brunswick area decided by votes from the community. Polls are open Thursday through Sunday throughout the entire month of March, each week representing a different round in the tournament.

The New Brunswick Championship begins on Thursday, April 6 at noon when polls open on here and on our Twitter account (@Daily_Targum). It ends Sunday, April 9, at 11:59 p.m. when polls are closed.

Make sure to check this page frequently to stay up to date on every round and voting opportunity!

New Brunswick Championship:

Hansel n' Griddle v. Destination Dogs

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Final Four (3/31-4/2) (CLOSED):

No. 1 RU Hungry? v. No. 2 Destination Dogs

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No. 1 Hansel n' Griddle v. No. 2 P.J.'s Pizza

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Elite Eight (3/23-3/36) (CLOSED):


No. 1 Stuff Yer Face vs. No. 2 P.J’s Pizza

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College Avenue

No. 1 RU Hungry? vs. No. 3 Wings Over

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No. 1 Tacoria vs. No. 2 Destination Dogs

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No. 1 Hansel & Griddle vs. No. 2 Diesel & Duke

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Sweet Sixteen (CLOSED):


1) Stuff Yer Face vs. 4) Fritz

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2) P.J.'s Pizza vs. 3) Sanctuary

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College Avenue:

1) RU Hungry? vs. 4) Krispy Pizza

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2) Daniel's Pizza vs. 3) Wings Over Rutgers

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1) Tacoria vs. 5) Brother Jimmy's


2) Destination Dogs vs. 3) Olive Branch

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1) Hansel n' Griddle vs. 4) KBG

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2) Diesel & Duke vs. 3) Honeygrow

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First Round (CLOSED)

Busch (Voting March 2nd)

1) Stuff Yer Face vs. 8) Picken Chicken

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2) P.J.'s Pizza vs. 7) Noodle Gourmet


3) Sanctuary vs. 6) Bubbakoos

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4) Fritz vs. 5) Chapati House

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Cook/Douglass (Voting March 3rd):

1) Tacoria vs. 8) Efes

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2) Destination Dogs vs. 7) Bagel Nosh


3) Olive Branch vs. 6) Cheezen

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4) Mamouns vs. 5) Brother Jimmy's

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College Avenue (Voting March 4th):

1) RU Hungry vs. 8) Teri Teri

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2) Daniel's Pizza vs. 7) Indochine


3) Wings Over Rutgers vs. 6) Knight Wagon

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4) Krispy vs. 5) Ramen Nagomi

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Livingston (Voting March 5):

1) Hansel & Griddle vs. 8) Edo

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2) Diesel & Duke vs. 7) Criminals & Tacos

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3) Honeygrow vs. 6) Filipos Pizza

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4) KBG vs. 5) Jersey Subs

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