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A recent email to the Rutgers community warned of a meningitis B outbreak and recommended all students receive the necessary vaccinations. 
3/20/2019 10:33am

Rutgers experiencing meningitis B outbreak

The specimens of the two meningitis B cases for Rutgers undergraduates have been found to have identical genes after special testing done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), according to a University email sent to the Rutgers community. 

3/17/2019 1:45am

New details emerge on Caitlin Jenkins arrest, subsequent release

An affidavit obtained by The Daily Targum revealed that charges of domestic violence and criminal mischief against former Rutgers women’s basketball player Caitlin Jenkins, a School of Management and Labor Relations senior, were cleared on Feb. 19.  


3/15/2019 4:43pm

Spotlight Knight: Caitlin Jenkins

For the first time since her February arrest, Caitlin Jenkins speaks out on the incident that cost her her Rutgers career, the life that led her there and her plans now to take her talents to the next level.

3/13/2019 6:57pm

NUNDA: Many find alternatives to entering labor force

"Nobody wants to work, but capitalism is an ugly beast,” East Bay artist Rayana Jay proclaimed to Pacific Standard two weeks ago. Her words, although simple, are straightforward and just about sum up the majority of the working middle-class mentality. Does anyone honestly really want to work? Probably not. If given the opportunity to retire and still remain well-off at an early age I am almost positive there would be a large amount of individuals jumping at the opportunity. But, we live in 21st-century America and no one seems to be offering handouts any time soon.

3/13/2019 6:59pm

O'BRIEN: We must consider value of neoliberalism

I am a neoliberal. Yes, that philosophy everyone Left, Right and center seems to despise actually has a small but growing number of adherents. While the term is one of the most popular punching bags in American politics, particularly after the 2016 election, most of what you know about it is probably wrong. It will be impossible to address, point-by-point, the unfair attacks leveled at this political viewpoint, but it is deserving of at least a philosophical defense.

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