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4/18/2019 1:42am

COMMENTARY: Right to return of Palestinians must be preserved, upheld

International law recognizes the right of refugees to return to their homes after displacement. Therefore, the right of return is non-negotiable for Palestinians as it is the crux of the struggle for freedom from occupation. The concept of Palestinian right of return calls for the return of Palestinian refugees and their descendants to their homeland. It serves as the bedrock of the struggle against the vicious eviction of an indigenous people from their homes. 

4/1/2019 11:03pm

COMMENTARY: Distortion of AIPAC must be addressed

As active citizens, we support causes close to our hearts and our communities. As Americans, we participate in a democratic process that we are privileged to enjoy. But, when our loyalty as Americans is called into question for supporting a strong relationship between America and Israel — a cause that is rooted in mutual values — we are alarmed. When we are gaslighted for daring to call out this reckless bullying, our community of advocates is accused of “moneyed influence.” In a recent commentary by an organization here at our University, our community of advocates was libelously accused of just that.


3/27/2019 3:31pm

COMMENTARY: Attacks on Omar must not silence debate

Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Minn.), in recent weeks, has been harshly criticized for tweets she made regarding how lawmakers were influenced by the pro-Israeli lobby. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) threatened punishment against Omar for criticizing Israel. Omar responded to this by tweeting a Puff Daddy lyric, “It’s all about the Benjamins baby.” When she was asked on Twitter who she believes is paying Americans to be pro-Israel she tweeted “AIPAC!”

3/11/2019 7:16pm

COMMENTARY: ISIS decline causes debate of citizenship

The decline of ISIS brought along more security threats and international crises, both long-term, and short-term. The Caliphate was declared over after a series of prolonged losses, leading to both political and economic disasters within itself. In 2017, Iraqi forces reclaimed Mosul, the Caliphate’s most important stronghold, as the Syrian Democratic Forces took back Raqqa, another important city. 

3/12/2019 12:03am

Commentary: Government support does not undermine our philanthropy

On March 5, The Daily Targum ran an op-ed titled “Solution to Poverty is in Individual Acts.” In it, author Michael Vespa suggests that poverty in America could be reduced by taxing Americans less so that they can give more to charity because the government “has had no real progress” in combating poverty. But, the article fails to recognize the nuanced nature of charitable giving in the United States, and makes false assumptions about charitable giving.

3/4/2019 9:26pm

COMMENTARY: Solution to poverty is in individual acts

In the era of Bernie Sanders and Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez, there is a growing commitment for more government intervention to help the less fortunate. Programs such as food stamps, housing vouchers and a multitude of others exist solely to help the less fortunate, but there have been unsatisfactory results. The consensus in Washington is clear. More and more government programs centered on helping the less fortunate are needed.

2/18/2019 10:06pm

COMMENTARY: High ranks of U. refuse to fix diversity

I write to amplify your recent editorial, "Lack of faculty diversity needs mending,” which points out that faculty poorly represent the diversity of New Jersey citizens, and that Rutgers is among the worst of its peers in gender and racial diversity in its senior administration.

2/14/2019 10:47pm

COMMENTARY: Media lacks coverage of conflict in Africa

The year began in turmoil for the recently established Zimbabwean government, as it battles its worst economic crisis to date. The post-Mugabe era, in which President Emmerson Mnangagwa promised he would take a different economic and human rights approach, spiraled downward, with the aid of increased government debt and scarcity of foreign currency such as the U.S. dollar, which the country adopted as its national currency in 2009. This led to failure of the government to reach its national tax revenue, causing an increase in unemployment reaching approximately 90 percent. On top of that, fuel prices skyrocketed, causing public panic and backlash. 

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