10/16/2017 9:11pm

EDITORIAL: REDO brings awareness to campus

If you have not heard of the Rutgers Eating Disorder Organization (REDO), it is probably because the organization was in a period of activity last year — but REDO is back and it is doing its best to make a large impact on campus. REDO focuses on providing better resources to students, eliminating stigmas that surround eating disorders and bringing a better understanding and awareness of eating disorders on campus. According to the National Eating Disorder Association, a collegiate survey revealed that college students with eating disorders from one college increased from 7.9 percent to 25 percent among males and from 23.4 percent to 32.6 percent among females.


10/15/2017 5:57pm

EDITORIAL: U. needs statement on Weinstein money

Rutgers’ campuses may be painted purple, but it seems as though the University’s hands are painted red. If one were to look at the past two weeks of Rutgers events and statements, one would notice the applaud worthy trend of the University in its efforts to support the elimination of sexual assault and the voices of those who have been victims of this horrible crime.

10/8/2017 5:59pm

EDITORIAL: NBPAC is making art bigger, better

New Brunswick is trying to improve all aspects of the community by building the new New Brunswick Performing Arts Center (NBPAC). And by getting involved in its creation with the New Brunswick Development Corporation (Devco), Rutgers is giving back to its community and students.

10/4/2017 9:34pm

EDITORIAL: Barchi takes stand in right direction

Betsy DeVos is making every college campus a frightening place to be. But Rutgers University is not letting that happen to this campus. After the secretary of education stated that the Department of Education would be overturning legislation under the Title IX federal law, University President Robert L.

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