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2/17/2019 7:16pm

EDITORIAL: Amazon evades taxes, takes from system

Bound and gagged, American democracy is held as a hostage of the rich and powerful. The system of power in our nation has closed off the faucet that flows to the people, diverting efficacy and influence to those at the top of the socioeconomic hierarchy. The policies governing society have been tilted to benefit the wealthy few of the elite class. 

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2/14/2019 10:43pm

EDITORIAL: National emergency is real danger to US

In the fomentation of crisis, authoritarianism blooms. An undemocratic concentration of power breathes freely behind rhetoric of security and national emergency. As James Madison noted, “The means of defence against foreign danger, have been always the instruments of tyranny at home.”

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2/13/2019 12:14am

EDITORIAL: Wrongfully convicted must have justice

The land not of milk and honey but rather handcuffs and jail cells. From the mountain top, one can see the 2.3 million incarcerated in America. Of those in shackles, some are waiting for the promises of justice and due process to be upheld. What happens to justice when it is deferred? “Does it dry up like a raisin in the sun? Or fester like a sore — and then run? … Or does it explode?” 


2/10/2019 8:33pm

EDITORIAL: Lack of faculty diversity needs mending

Institutions of learning are designed to be the grand guardians of democracy, wielding education as a great leveler of inequities, a ladder descending down to those born into circumstances beyond their control, ready for their ascension. Some professors and teachers collapse under the weight of their responsibility to place this ladder within reach.  

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2/8/2019 12:27am

WEEK IN REVIEW: Laurels and Darts | February 8, 2019

After launching in January, the “Windows of Understanding” project has been displaying temporary art installations created by Rutgers students on storefronts and restaurant windows in New Brunswick. The artwork is meant to teach the New Brunswick community about the social impact of local organizations in the city, which does not always generate headlines in the news. The initiative is an incredible means of using art as a medium for raising awareness and building support in the community. We laurel the project as it expands accessibility of art and brings positive messages of engagement and civic action.  

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2/5/2019 11:54pm

EDITORIAL: Changes to core strengthen all learning

Higher education ought to mold nails that refuse to be hammered into obscure passivity, not hollow the individual into complacency. The incoming students of the Fall 2019 semester enrollment will receive a core education that will allow them to not simply submit to the realities of society, but rather be active in the creation and betterment of it. 

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2/4/2019 11:05pm

EDITORIAL: Transgender activist’s legacy continues

On Sunday, Feb. 3, Barbra “Babs” Casbar Siperstein died at the age of 76 as reported by the gay rights advocacy group Garden State Equality. Siperstein was a champion of LGBTQ+ rights as her legacy is marked by advocacy and progress of the community. She was the first elected transgender member of the Democratic National Committee and part of the advisory board for the Department of Women’s and Gender Studies at Rutgers University, as reported by The Daily Targum.

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2/3/2019 5:04pm

EDITORIAL: We must rectify injustices of prisons

The mere loss of liberty has been supplemented with the absolute theft of human dignity. Our system of punishment begins before the crime and reaches its end when buried 6 feet below. But that is how we prefer our societal problems: buried, hidden, locked away, often off of a remote exit on a highway such that the commuters can reach work and the mall shoppers can expand their debt without the implosion of our national cognitive dissonance. A nation of inalienable rights, a world leader of human dignity and democracy, and yet America is a country of mass incarceration and abuse of the imprisoned. 

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1/31/2019 9:42pm

EDITORIAL: Progressive taxation rightfully favored

Beneficiaries of the status quo are rarely among those who look to change it. Yet, the theft of the American Dream and the problems that have manifested out of the concentration of wealth demand confrontation. In the nation that invented progressive taxation, change can be won once again. 

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1/29/2019 12:10am

EDITORIAL: Flu season returns after fatal 2018 year

Life was brought to a standstill. Streets were empty, businesses were barren and carts were filled with the dead. More than a century has passed since “the greatest medical holocaust in history,” the 1918 Flu Pandemic. Estimates of those who succumb to the virus range from 50 to 100 million. Even though modern medicine has advanced, salvation has been elusive. 

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1/30/2019 1:15am

EDITORIAL: Nomination neglects needs of students

The status quo is an apparent quid pro quo of donations for power. We have branded those who have accumulated wealth through the financial sector as ordained leaders that can be placed, regardless of context or institutional mission, in any position of any industry and produce success. Such an ideology requires marketization. Rutgers has become a business, that in turn fallaciously requires CEOs and those with financial backgrounds to fill leadership positions. 

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