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5/3/2019 9:23pm

EDITORIAL: Insensitive tuition increase reflects U.'s decline

We cannot simply withdraw into a dark age of disconnection and disengagement. We are no longer just the beneficiaries of the generations before us waiting for a seat at the table, and we are no longer mere bystanders to the political discourse in this country. We are members of the Rutgers community, a microcosm of the world in which we cannot blindly inherit the corrosive trends of our declining direction.

5/1/2019 6:17pm

EDITORIAL: America needs strong influx of immigrants

The obstructing haze of misinformation and manipulation thickens as a means of galvanizing movements of hate. With attempts to place immigration as a centerpiece for the 2020 presidential election, the volume of fear mongering and fictitious rhetoric deployed increases. President Donald J. Trump has adopted an erroneous new message regarding migrants seeking refuge in the United States: “Our country is full.”


4/11/2019 11:59pm

EDITORIAL: Future of US is built on federal student aid

The economic reality of the common American family today is one of financial instability. One layoff and the house is foreclosed. One mistake and the chain of debt shackled to your ankle pulls you into the abyss. One misstep and you find yourself in a free fall. For the high school student working to help his family eat, the scholar with unemployed parents, the youth with parents who immigrated here and never attended college, the kid who feels walled in by familial debt, higher education seems like a remote, distant dream. But this nation must not allow this dream to be deferred. 

4/9/2019 10:37pm

EDITORIAL: We must engage in Electoral College debate

The United States was not built on freedom and democracy for all, but rather a foundation of democratic values hinged on the ability to adapt and change. Throughout its history, America has amended its constitution and shifted its political direction to move toward the fulfillment of its commitment to freedom and democracy, and it is time to shift once more. 

4/7/2019 8:43pm

EDITORIAL: Democratic civil disobedience looms at U.

After leaving his village in Colonial America, Rip Van Winkle wanders up into the Catskill Mountains. Fatigued from his climb, he sits down to rest and falls into a long slumber. Rip awakens to a new world 20 years later. The longevity of his sleep has become the most memorable element in Washington Irving’s classic fable. Few readers recall a small but significant detail that is often overlooked and forgotten. 

4/5/2019 6:30pm

EDITORIAL: Tragedy must be followed by legislation

On Wednesday, April 3, hundreds gathered in West Windsor, New Jersey to mourn the death of Samantha Josephson, a 21-year-old from Robbinsville, New Jersey who was kidnapped and killed in South Carolina after she had gotten into a car she had thought was her Uber. Her years left unlived were stolen, but her legacy remains in the lives she touched and the policies now proposed to make it harder for such tragedies to happen again. 

4/3/2019 12:13am

EDITORIAL: NJ gov’t. officials stand against polluters

For decades, they knew and did nothing. They did nothing and watched as cancer rates rose and lives were torn apart. Since the 1970s, a facility of chemical giant DuPont polluted the groundwater of the Pompton Lakes area. The contamination seeped into both the soil and the lives of New Jerseyans as hundreds of households sat on top of an underground plume of toxic chemicals. 

3/31/2019 8:24pm

Editorial: We must refuse education privatization

The tenure of President Donald J. Trump administration’s Department of Education has been marked by sporadic flurries of negative news coverage and national scrutiny. From Senate confirmation hearings to over two years in the position, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has represented the worst of corporate capitalism and its undemocratic, un-American crusade against public education. 

3/24/2019 7:13pm

EDITORIAL: Admissions scandal shows broken system

Earlier this month, the U.S. Justice Department began the prosecutorial process of the largest college cheating scheme in department history. Fifty people were charged nationwide with cheating on college admissions exams and securing admission to elite colleges through bribery and conspiracy. This is by no means simply a case of a few bad apples, but rather it is a glimpse into the veiled rotting of a broken ecosystem of inequality, bribery and disillusion. 

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