2/20/2017 7:08pm

Morning routines for the college student soul

The thought of a peaceful morning often only goes as far as saying “namastay in bed.” We can all attest to the morning struggle of taking that first step out of bed and hobbling over to the coffee pot. To most college students, waking up early is a crime against humanity, or at least sanity.


1/30/2017 7:15pm

Step up your self-care game

The importance of self-care cannot be stressed enough. The hustle and bustle of college life can weigh you down if you don’t set aside time to practice a little R&R.

Omega Phi Beta fraternity hosted a Philanthropy Fair yesterday
outside of Brower Commons on the College Avenue campus. University
greek organization representatives, such as sisters of Kappa Phi
1/24/2017 5:05pm

Realities of rushing at RU

For the people who have wanted to join greek life since high school or for the people like me, who showed up on a whim and a few months later ended up a part of it, rushing is the fun part of the process. Rush week, for most fraternities and sororities, is the rare once-a-semester dessert before dinner.

11/17/2016 5:26pm

Student makes bank by selling sneaker purchases

The start of this story is not uncommon as it begins with a young boy when he gets his first pair of Jordans but in the case of Dane Gill it actually helped him to fly. Now a vastly successful buyer and seller of streetwear products, Dane began in the 6th or 7th grade with a love for whatever sneakers he could get his hands on.

2/22/2017 10:23am

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