2/13/2017 11:31pm

Turn your heart scarlet with dates that can only happen at RU

It’s Feb. 14, and love is drifting through the air off the ol’ Raritan. So if you have a special someone, a good friend or you’re in a treat yo’ self mood, let your heart turn scarlet and try these date night ideas that can only happen when you’re on the Banks. Easton Avenue If you and your S.O.


2/13/2017 11:29pm

Hear about HAIRitage's keynote speaker, natural hair love

Dozens of Rutgers students and non-Rutgers students alike attended the HAIRitage conference on Saturday, a Black History Month celebration hosted by the Livingston Residence Council and a number of other sponsors and on-campus organizations. In attempts to make this year’s Black History Month celebration unique and memorable, HAIRitage included discussion panels, workshops and raffles geared towards the embracement of black and afro-Latinx hair. Saturday’s conference kicked off with an address from keynote speaker Anu Prestonia, a natural haircare mogul who opened one of the first all-natural, black-owned hair salons in New York City. The entrepreneur shared with the audience her lifelong journey of self-love, a journey that started at just 10-years-old when she lost her hair to chemical relaxers.

1/23/2017 9:41pm

After Shock concert celebrates culture, music, fun at Rutgers Student Center

On Friday, Jan. 20, four organizations operating under the Paul Robeson Cultural Center transformed the Rutgers Student Center into a nightclub with music celebrating the community of black students on the Banks. Black Student Union (BSU), West Indian Student Organization (WISO), The Organization for African Students and Friends of Africa (TWESE) and Haitian Association at Rutgers University's (HARU) After Shock party encouraged students to commemorate their heritages and the end of syllabus week.

1/17/2017 10:48am

Scarlet-style New Year Resolutions

Love them or loathe them, there’s undeniable virtue in New Year’s resolutions. The promise of a new year makes us want to stretch to be the smartest, funniest and happiest versions of ourselves.

2/26/2017 4:26pm

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